Elon Musk Announces Plans to Expand Tesla's Supercharger Network

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Published on:
May 22, 2023
Updated on:
May 22, 2023

Tesla is known for its eco-friendly nature, but what makes it that way? Instead of filling up your tank with gasoline which will contribute to pollution, Tesla uses the Tesla supercharger network.

So when you see a station with white and red details, there's a strong possibility for it to be a supercharger station. 

Tesla supercharger network is a charging network comprising 45000+ superchargers. First, pull up at one of the stations if you're on the road. You can do this by searching Tesla superchargers near me or through the app.

Once you've located the station, plug it in and wait for it to charge. The Tesla supercharger network is built for your most accessible convenience. 

This network follows the simple yet exciting concept of EV chargers. It works in this way you plug in your electric vehicle to a source of electricity.

By this step, the electricity taps into the car's battery. Now that your battery is fully charged, you can carry out your adventure!

The Tesla supercharger network was for only Tesla drivers until now. Then, Elon Musk announced his plan to make supercharger stations for non-Tesla vehicles.

Elon Musk partnered with the White House to increase its network. Musk targets to double his Tesla supercharger network, ideally by 2024. 

Understanding The Tesla Supercharger Network

It is crucial to understand the working of the Tesla supercharger network.  The company is designed in a way that increases user experience.

With faster charging capabilities, the network has been recognized as one of the finest companies in the industry. 

After you plug in the source to your Tesla, you only need a few minutes of waiting. Tesla lets you see your charging and how many miles you can cover. You can go up to 200 miles after just 15 minutes of charging. 

The time to recharge your car can fluctuate depending on a few factors. The most important one is the number of cars charging at the time you are too.

The more cars there are, the more time it will take. Since all vehicles have the same source, equal energy will be generated one after the other. In this case, you will get a different 250kW speed. 

There is a notable fast charging while you're low on battery. Once it reaches around 80%, you can see your charging time extend.

You must understand that lithium batteries prefer a less recharging process. You can unplug at 80%, quickly covering 200,000 miles. 

Tesla's dominance continues as it introduces its EC charger connector design. So, the EVs that cannot connect their cars earlier to their charging stations can.

These proprietary connectors will allow you to connect to the source and commute without worry. 

With a Tesla route planner, you can go anywhere without a problem. Plan your vacation or a long drive by searching for the destination and finding the easiest route.

At first, the Tesla route planner feature was only available once you were in the vehicle. But for a better customer experience, you can check the route without being in your car. 

Through the app, you can find the best route for your trip. Not only that, you don't have to search the Tesla supercharger network stations. Instead, it will automatically show you the stations you'll pass. 

As for the Tesla map route, you can see the map on your display screens. It has no science behind it. You can drag the map and look closer at the places. You have many options to tick for your daily task quickly. 

For instance, if you enable the option, you can avoid the routes having ferries and tolls. Along with that, allow online routing. Through this, you will automatically be shown a way that will have lesser traffic. 

Tesla's Expansion of the Supercharger Network

After the success of the Tesla supercharger network, expansion was the next step. Musk announced his target for the expansion of supercharger stations.

It is targeted to make 7,500 supercharger stations for EVs other than Tesla. They are believed to complete the mission by the end of 2024

The company has made this collaboration with the White House to get done with the task. This union was formed after the new White House standards hinted at the company.

It was said to make their superchargers available to the "broadest number of people" so they could prove federal funding. 

The product will be available in the US. In addition, it was highlighted that "at least 3,500 new and existing 250 kW Superchargers along highway corridors" will be available.

You will also find "Level 2 Destination Charging at locations like hotels and restaurants in urban and rural locations."

The non-Tesla owners in Europe already have the resources for their vehicles after Tesla's updates.

Unfortunately, the company has been quiet about this when it comes to the US Tesla supercharger network.

With the rise of electric cars, the company must increase the production to a hundred-folds.

 As a result, it announced its expansion process at its Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York. Here you can find around 1600 employees working to produce supercharging stations and solar panels. 

Even though non-Tesla owners cannot get all the benefits, a Tesla owner can. They can still use the charging stations when convenient. After installing the CSS adapter, the driver can recharge his vehicle. 

Benefits of Expanding The Supercharger Network

With the expansion of the Tesla supercharger Network, the company holds its dominance. There are multiple reasons to continue the development of the network. The first is how it will be helpful not only for Tesla drivers but also non-tesla ones. 

Tesla is a reputable company that is trusted in the industry. As the supercharger stations become more convenient for non-tesla drivers, Tesla will benefit.

After years of effort and positive feedback from customers, no one doubts the service they provide. Hence if Tesla is making an update for non-Tesla drivers, they will take advantage of it. With that, they will get more revenue from all the EVs. 

As demand increases, so do the sales. Over the years of expanding the Tesla Supercharger Network, improved results were seen.

By the end of the 2022 earnings report, remarkable numbers were seen globally. 

The company developed four thousand two hundred eighty-three stations, 32% higher than in 2021. In addition, around 38,883 stalls were installed, which resulted in a 33% increase.

And lastly, per station, 9.1 connectors were updated, increasing 0.9% by the last year. 

These numbers prove an increase in the use of supercharger stations. If this growth continues, all EVs will automatically be dependent on Tesla. Hence, the position of Tesla in the industry is safe. 

Where To Find Tesla Superchargers?

Now that we have jotted down the crucial points, we should know where to find Tesla superchargers. The company has made it super easy for users to track destinations. 

If you want to check the supercharger station near your place, type in stations near me in the app. This way, it will show you all the station options you can go to. 

Someone who lives in California must need a Tesla Supercharger Map California. This map will show you the number and miles you must cover to reach that station. This way, you can plan your route, touching all the stations.

Tesla's name is spread around the world. You can easily find the stations in every region and country. However, most stations globally are located in China and the USA, both slow and fast. They make up almost 68.7% of supercharger stations.

How To Charge a Tesla Using The Supercharger Network?

It is essential to know how to use EV chargers once you find the charging station, park where you are guided near the source.

Connect the station's charging connector to the adapter, and then attach this adapter to your vehicle's charging port. Now the charging can begin. 

Within 15 minutes of charging, you can cover up to 200 miles. If your battery is meager, charging up to 100% will take less than 40 minutes of your day. After this, you can drive your electric car quickly and without worry. 

Charging your Tesla at the Tesla supercharger network can cost up to 0.25 kWh. To cover 250 miles, you only have to pay around $20-$25. Supercharger stations will be more affordable than your level 2 charger. 

It may be a Tesla car and still have charging problems. But you have nothing to worry about since we can always solve them. Charging issues arise from our silly human mistakes or the car's lack of guarantee. 

As for human error, there is a big possibility that you haven't plugged the adapter into the charging port properly. This may be the reason your vehicle needs to be charged. Another possibility can be the scheduled charging which can be confusing.

On the other hand, another feature of the charger limiter can also be new to adapt and cause charging issues.

If the software somehow lacked, it could be because of the glitches. You can reboot the car and fix the system. 

Another possibility can be a scheduled departure feature. Although it is for comfort, the need for more understanding of the feature can cost you too much. 

For example, you may never see your car working again if you charge it during the afternoon while it should be charged during the day. 

Alternatives to Tesla Supercharger Network

Regarding the Supercharger Network, Tesla's Supercharger Network is considered the gold standard. Although Tesla is not the only name in the EV industry, it is still at the top.

You can easily use EV stations on the highway, but what makes Tesla different? First, Tesla offers a Tesla supercharger network even in urban areas.

Tesla has the upper hand among other EVs due to its reputable position. While all the EVs are just starting, Tesla already masters the game. Furthermore, you have no concern as a Tesla driver if the gas prices increase daily.

In other words, you get the benefit of having an expensive car. Along with that, Tesla is a big believer in eco-friendly concepts and follows them.

Lastly, because it has fewer parts, it has fewer problems. Hence you don't need to do daily maintenance for this car.

As for the cons, its details of white and red color aren't that prominent to represent the stations. Moreover, as the demand fluctuates with the time of the day, so does the cost. And sometimes, it is not affordable for the driver. 

Tesla, compared to CHAdeMO, was a better option. CHAdeMO was an option but would give one a headache. In addition, it offered bulky adapters that were a no-go in front of Tesla's lightweight adapters.

Charging the vehicle from their stations would also take more than an hour. So although CCS is a competitor, it is not so different from Tesla and gives a tough fight to Tesla. Although most EVs use CSS for charging.

Summing Up

The Tesla supercharger network is a fast-charging network that allows Tesla cars to recharge. The supercharger stations can be found everywhere and anytime, making it convenient for drivers.

Tesla continues to hold its position by grabbing the attention of non-Tesla owners with its new updates.

With time, EVs are getting more common, and so are the stations. As a result, there is a possibility to end pollution once EVs dominate gasoline-powered vehicles.

Elon Musk plans on consistently making efforts for his company, and it shows just by looking at its position in the industry.