Is Tesla No Longer The Best Electric Vehicle On the Market?

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Published on:
May 9, 2023
Updated on:
May 23, 2023

Tesla has been the king of electric cars since its arrival. Its features, technology, and concept raised the bar from what we call a car. It had tried for years to normalize the concept of electric charging from gasoline.  For a while, this company enjoyed popularity. 

However, from Tesla's 79% market share, we saw a decline of up to 61% within two years. Was Tesla's name from the industry already disappearing?

We can see all the Tesla competitors in the game, ready to challenge the company through their sales. Although Tesla still holds its reputation, many believe it is not now the only electric car option. 

The Tesla competitors took their time observing the pros and cons of the standard industry, Tesla. After a thorough study, they have introduced products that threaten Tesla's position

The question arises, is Tesla the best electric car? 

Though there have been many Tesla competitors over the past, they still struggle to get on the top. According to the data analysis, Tesla made the top ten list. Tesla's two models were able to reach the list. 

One is the Tesla Model Y, and the other is the Tesla Model 3. It is hard to argue whether another company has beaten Tesla at its own game. 

We can consider that there are Tesla competitors worth the hype and a danger to Tesla.

Tesla Alternative: A Look At The Competitors

Even though the word electric cars automatically makes us think about Tesla, more companies compete now. This might make one question if Tesla alternatives are making any progress. Tesla competitors like Lucid Motors, Rivian, Ford, NIO, etc., have made advancements. These changes brought their sales up and made Tesla question its electric cars. 


Rivian is among the Tesla alternatives that have crowded the electric car industry. It was founded by an MIT student whose main focus was sustainability. Scaringe had always been an explorer and would use vehicles that contributed to pollution. 

In 2009, CEO R.J. Scaringe finally decided to design an eco-friendly vehicle. After announcing its two prototypes in 2017, Rivivan was on the right path. Its R1T pickup and R1S SUV became the standard electric trucks. The sales skyrocketed in 2020, and the company was famous for its highly eco-friendly outdoor vehicle. Rivian, with an eye for the details and a pollution-free concept, is giving Tesla a fair battle.

Lucid Motors

Along with Rivian, Lucid Motors is also one of the notable Tesla competitors. Lucid was formerly known as Atieva. Ativea its main focus was to develop batteries as well as electric powertrains. In 2017, the company saw its potential and changed its name and goal for a better future. 

Lucid got pretty quick on its feet and produced an impressive model. The flagship vehicle, the Lucid Air, was everyone's personal favorite. It is believed that this model gave tough competition to Tesla's Model S. Lucid Motors' latest planning turned out to be an advancement of the SUV. The project is known as Lucid Gravity. Tesla's position was threatened, raising the question of whether Tesla is the best electric car


China has always been a step ahead of others. After the impressive results of Tesla, a Chinese company believed it could outrun Tesla. As a Tesla alternative, it has a reputable image and is believed to be the next Tesla. NIO was founded in 2014 by William Bin Li, who worked for a better tomorrow. The concept was similar to Tesla, along with creative battery technology and using BaaS. 

Comparing Features and Specs of Tesla Alternatives

Coming onto the interesting part, let's compare the analysis of who gets the throne. In this section, we will go over different phenomenon to compare the worth of different Tesla competitors. Starting with the range of the most impressive products they've produced. 

Range Among Tesla Competitors

Rivian's RIT and R1S SUV both offer more than 300 miles. To be precise, the company claims they have a range of up to 314 miles. For a pickup truck, achieving this is a milestone for companies. 

As for Lucid Motors, the Lucid Air Dream Edition has crushed Tesla's model. It records obtaining up to 520 miles in terms of range. 

Lastly, NIO has won hearts after moving up the ladder to the throne. NIO's SUV, ES8, defeated its competitor Tesla Model 3 Rival with range. Tesla's product has a range of around 420 miles, which is quite impressive. But compared to NIO's SUV, which has a range of 620, it looks like nothing. 

Performance And Technology Between The Competitors

For Rivian, both models have made an excellent impression. Both models possess the same working quad-motor system. This provides each wheel with an individual working system. The performance is seen to be 835 hp through this system. 

The R1T is known to be more efficient in towing, whereas the R1S is comparatively lacking in that area. Rivian installed technology that makes the pricing make sense. Along with the system, it installed a gear tunnel providing extra space. The guard security system and air compressors make Rivian a warning for Tesla.

As for Lucid motors, it gave amazing results.  People were shocked to see their two motors work in a way to produce 1, 111 hp. You will be shocked that it can give a race from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Along with many features, the car's charging was the most unique. Seeing a car charging in 20 minutes to cover 300 miles was unbelievable. 

The ES8 of NIO is beyond world production. It has high performance through its all-aluminum body. Its innovative permanent magnet motor, along with the induction motor, is an ideal SUV. Like Lucid, it charges up to 80% in less than an hour. 

Tesla Electric Car Price: Are Competitors More Affordable?

Tesla is the most famous electric vehicle industry with its price touching the roof. But, now that there are new Tesla competitors, have there been any price cuts? If not, then which company is more affordable?

Tesla's electric car price has been skyrocketing since the very first car. Even after saving fuel, the technology installed makes it more expensive than a normal car. 

But, believe it or not, Tesla has recently been putting efforts into decreasing its prices due to inflation and competition. 

After cutting prices, its Model X costs $99,990, whereas  Model S starts at $89,990. You will see the difference more clearly after knowing the next example. Its Model Y SUV went from $65,990 to $52,990. 

Let's compare each company with Tesla car prices to see which is more expensive. 

Firstly, Rivian's model has made the highlight. Now that they are in demand, the price is no bargain. Both the models cost more than $70,000, while the Tesla Model 3 is just $43,990.

Lucid Motors is also way more expensive than Tesla. All its products will cost you more than $139,000. Tesla doesn't seem like a bad option now if you purchase its 2022 models. Lastly, NIO is comparatively more affordable. Its SUV is yours after paying $75,000. 

Even though Tesla is super expensive for a normal person, it is reasonable. All the competitors' price range is way out of budget for 80% of the population. 

So even though they are great options to consider with Tesla according to your taste, when it comes to pricing, Tesla wins the chance of getting purchased. 

Charging Infrastructure: How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car Tesla vs. Competitors?

Tesla takes good care of its clients. They have developed a system of installing a supercharger to make it convenient to go on long rides without worrying about charging. They have installed supercharger stations on the highway so the driver can fill the tank anytime necessary. 

It is a must that you charge your vehicle when a 3-5% buffer is left. In addition, it is recommended that you should keep your battery level between 20-80%. 

It is important to know how long it takes to charge an electric car, Tesla. There are three levels. Level 1 is the slowest charge of your vehicle in 32 hours. Level 2 is comparatively better. It charges 5 to 7 times faster. And level 3 is the most convenient. It charges in 30 minutes.

On the other hand, Tesla competitors take a few hours to charge too. The first is, Rivian takes 12 hours to charge fully. Lucid motors take one hour more than Rivian, which is 13 hours. Like Tesla, it has multiple options. 

Level 1 takes up more than 44 hours. At the same time, the second level uses six to three hours. But most quickly, the public station will get your tank full in 44 minutes or less. 

The Nvidia Tesla Connection: A Surprising Rivalry?

Starting from the basics, Nvidia Tesla is a GPU accelerator board for advanced, detailed computing.  The purpose was to be used in workstations and supercomputers for advanced computing skills. 

You will be surprised that this chipping company has beaten Tesla by 10 million dollars. In 2020, it received more gain in percentage form. Its 2,204% gain tops Tesla's 2,097%. Since Tesla's IPO, the investors have made $148 billion. Even after the downfall in 2010, it made its way back up, unlike Tesla.  

As a result, it played a significant role in the electric car industry. After the popularity gained by involving Tesla, Nvidia has revenue booked that will last for over six years. However, Nvidia believes in the future. It will contribute to self-driving trucks, making advancement in this industry. 

Did Elon Musk Buy G.M.?

In the last month of 2022, a YouTuber faked the news. It was rumored that Elon Musk made some purchases. The video was focused on the question of did Elon Musk buy G.M. 

After a while, the YouTuber denied his accusations. The rumor was fake as the YouTuber took matters into his hands before it got too much. He pointed out that his channel was only a source of entertainment, and this was just a way to attract the audience. 

After Musk took over the app, Twitter, a source confirmed that G.M. was holding off the ads on the app. It was a way to understand how Musk wanted to run Twitter. 

It was then revealed that Mary Barra, the CEO, was putting a hold on these ads for a reason. She was looking out for the brand as Musk's company was a competitor.

The Evolution of Tesla's Branding

You might think the Tesla logo is simple. Instead, it is inspired by a concept. The letter 'T' represents the first letter of the brand, whereas the font is unusual. It is made after the cross-sectioning of the electric vehicle. The logo gives a powerful vibe and a modern look. Something Tesla also stands for. 

The first version of the Tesla logo also had a triangular shield. It was white and was a backdrop to the letter 'T.' In the modern version, they have removed the shield. Now, there's only the letter that speaks for itself. 

Final Words

Tesla has always been at the top in the electric car industry. Although much competition has begun, Tesla cars make a statement with their secure reputation. It is a hard answer to give whether Tesla still is number one in the industry. With increasing competition, opinions can vary, but looking at the statistics, we know that all the Tesla competitors are giving Tesla a tough fight.