Tesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Complete Bundle
Tesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Complete Bundle - Fusion Motorsports USA

Tesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Complete Bundle


$1979.99 after rebate

2021-2023 Tesla Model 3 / Tesla Model Y

What is Included?

This complete bundle contains our exclusive Spectre Fiber Steering Wheel, Dashboard, and Door-Trim Replacement Set. Created with ultra-lightweight fibers and finished in a slick, glass-like coating, our new Spectre Fiber bundle replaces the stock OEM Steering Wheel, Dashboard, and Door-trim in your refreshed 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3/Model Y. Utilizing the highest quality materials available, our built-by-hand Bundle Collection will revolutionize the interior of your car. Every Spectre Fiber weave is carefully inspected to ensure an impeccable and flawless design.

Our engineering process ensures that sunlight is evenly distributed on the surface of the finish, which allows for reduced glare and maximum visibility while driving. Our Bundle Collection is not a dashboard or door-trim cover that is already offered on the market, but instead a complete, authentic replacement. Our made-in-house replacement set requires no additional modification and is ready for installation. Our goal was to ensure the product would complement the interior of your vehicle while always placing a smile on your face every time you step into the vehicle.  We started our business with the foundation of bringing Tesla owners nothing but the absolute best and will continue to do so as long as we are in business.

To learn more about Spectre Fiber and its characteristics, read here.

Important: All 2023 Tesla Model Y's built in Austin, Texas and Model 3/Y's built in Berlin, Germany are a Generation 3 Dashboard/Door Trim!  To confirm this with your vehicle, please use the vin number decoder located here or check on the side of your dashboard to see if there is a screw as shown in this photo. At the time of writing this, we are currently working to get our hands on the new generation 3 dashboard/door trim. Due to its limited availability and recent update, the ETA for us to stock on generation 3 dashboards is June-July 2023. If you have a Generation 3 dashboard, our Generation 2 dashboard will not be compatible with your Tesla!

A Touch of Imagination 

Our brand new Tesla Model 3/Model Y Spectre Fiber Steering Wheel replacement is a unique design offered exclusively here at Fusion Motorsports USA. This Steering Wheel Replacement resembles a White Carbon Fiber design and is built using an OEM air-bag directly from Tesla. 

With our intention of creating an ergonomic and comfortable steering wheel replacement, long drives will feel nothing less than exhilarating. With the touch of our fine stitching, smooth leather handles, and polished Spectre Fiber, you will discover the true potential of your Tesla.

Enhancing your Driving Experience

Our Spectre Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement was created with the purpose of enhancing your driving experience. Designed to maximize even distribution of sunlight, any glare emitted onto the surface of the steering wheel will not interfere with your vision while you are on the road. We stand firmly behind our products and guarantee a Lifetime Warranty from any cosmetic defects.

The Full Picture

This full replacement is assembled with all components including the air-bag, turn knobs, grips, and top/bottom segments. Our made-in-house replacement does not require any further modification and is ready for installation. A heated feature is included with all Steering Wheel replacements and is compatible with the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. No core exchange delivery is needed! *If your Tesla does not already have a built-in heating system for the steering wheel, the heating functionality of our Spectre Fiber Steering Wheel will not be accessible.

We truly enjoy what we do and take pride in this direct experience. As a California based company, we will continue to implement our hands on approach for all our products. With our direct role in this manufacturing process, we guarantee our detail-oriented perspective will reflect through our craftsmanship.


To participate in our rebate program, you are required to send us your original steering wheel, dashboard, and door-trim. Please select this option at checkout.

After your purchase, a pre-paid return label will be included with your shipment. Once these items have been delivered to you, place your original steering wheel, dashboard, and door-trim in the same box and ship these items back to us with the provided return label. Once we have received your original items, a $350 check will be mailed to you.

For additional inquiries regarding our rebate program and frequently asked questions, refer to the following link.

Heating Functionality

Please note that if you replace your OEM steering wheel, you may lose access to the heating functionality on your new steering wheel temporarily. In order to restore this functionality, it is important to update your Tesla through service mode. To do this, navigate into service mode and click 'software install.' Once the installation is complete, the heating functionality on the new wheel should be restored.

Customer Reviews

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Rats Tesla

I got the replacement dash and the steering wheel to put in the car and they look awesome. Super fast shipping and great customer service. These products take the interior of my Tesla Model Y to the next level. Don’t buy some imitation, buy the best and get from these guys as the product is the best that I have seen.

Thank you for choosing Fusion Motorsports USA! We are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase and our customer service. Enjoy the new upgrades to your Tesla Model Y!