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Tesla Model Y crowned 2024 New Car of the Year


If you want the best car in 2024, you should be thinking of the Tesla Model Y, according to Auto Trader. The car magazine has crowned the Tesla-made EV as the New Car of The Year for 2024.

The Tesla Model Y has added yet another feather to its heavily decorated cap by being named the 2024 New Car of the Year. Online auto journal Auto Trader conferred this honor on the electric SUV as the car beat the Kia EV6 and the Nissan Ariya to the top spot.

The Tesla Model Y has rightfully earned the crown after finishing 2023 as the world’s best-selling vehicle, not just the best-selling EV. The car is also very welcome in the UK where it was the most popular EV for the fifth year in a row.

According to Auto Trader, the Tesla Model Y scored four out of five points in the majority of the categories entries were evaluated. These included safety, features, interior, etc. It took all points on the cost of ownership and performance.

The electric SUV also ranked high in towing and city driving categories.

The Tesla Model Y emerged as the winner from more than 200,000 votes by vehicle owners in the UK. The American EV maker also got the award for the best tech in the automotive industry.

Auto Trader wrote, “We’ve celebrated value, comfort, and fun, however while the 2024 awards have seen some worthy category winners, there can only be one overall New Car of the Year. This year the car voted for by owners is the Tesla Model Y.”

The publication commented that owners were very happy with the Model Y’s simple, easy-to-use dashboard and its low operating costs. The SUV was also praised for its quick acceleration and Autopilot for autonomous operation. The latter was ranked highly by users.

Auto Trader quoted an owner, “Everything about the Model Y is just so easy. Easy to open and set off, to drive, to park, to charge. It makes life easier and is a dependable part of the family now!”

The Model 3 did not win in any category but came second in the best car for dog owners and best value EV rankings.

Meanwhile, the Model Y was named among the best cars of 2024 by another publication, Consumer Reports. It also became one of the most manufactured vehicles in 2023.

Tesla has swapped its base Model Y with the RWD Long Range trim, which expands the driving range by almost 60 miles.

The Model Y can be ordered from Tesla’s website, where it currently starts at $44,990 in the US, offering 320 miles of driving range according to the EPA’s estimates. It qualifies for the whole $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, making the electric vehicle even more affordable.

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