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Tesla Model Y Juniper reportedly spotted in public


The Tesla Model Y is expected to get a refresh, and a covered prototype might have been spotted in the wild, according to an eagle-eyed observer in Pasadena, California.

The official launch of the Tesla Model Y refresh might be getting closer, with Reddit user JacklJack posting what is apparently the upcoming car with parts covered up. Media outlets have dubbed the refresh Juniper.

JacklJack is the first person to report seeing the car in public. The sighting happened in Pasadena, California, near the Rose Bowl stadium, the home grounds of the UCLA Bruins football team.

In the picture, the whole front section of the car is covered, along with the back, leaving all four doors bare. This suggests that most, if not all, of the external changes will be in the two sections.

The shape of the concealed bumper seems to indicate an upgrade similar to the Model 3 Highland. This means the model might get slimmer and more modern-looking headlights, new rear lights, and a more aggressive bumper. There is no photo of the interior.

Meanwhile, customers eager to get the new Model Y might have to wait a bit as Tesla has confirmed that the car will not be coming this year. However, some buyers might be hopeful as the Model 3 Highland hit the market shortly after prototypes were sighted on the roads.

If Tesla uses the same approach as the Model 3 Highland, Asian buyers might drive the Model Y Juniper before their American counterparts. Tesla launched the refreshed Model 3 in Asia and Europe last year before it became available for order in the US this year.

The Model Y is a very popular car globally. It became the best-selling car, beating even non-electric vehicles. It has also been crowned the 2024 new car of the year and comes standard with Dark Gemini wheels in the US.

Meanwhile, even before the Juniper refresh becomes available, Tesla recently swapped the Model Y’s base model for a version with a longer driving range. The company’s boss, Elon Musk, has also hinted that the American EV maker may update the driving range of the former entry-level model with a software update.

It has also been reported that Tesla has crossed the six millionth car mark in the last quarter. Analysts calculated the company’s total delivery since 2012, when it started making the Model S, to be 6,227,920 globally. It delivered 443,956 units in Q2 2024.

This is no mean feat for a company as young as Tesla, and it is not showing signs of slowing down. It is now manufacturing cars on three continents and has been reported to be adding more factories. It is also currently expanding its Giga Factories in China and Germany.

Tesla is even planning to adopt a new manufacturing process that will significantly expand its production capacity while also reducing costs.

The Model Y and Model 3 account for the largest share of the deliveries. With both cars possessing the hardware required for the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) tech, it means the company has a large pool of electric vehicles that can sign up for its upcoming Robotaxi network, which will bring autonomous driving to the mass market and generate revenue for the cars’ owners.

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Header image courtesy of JacklJack on Reddit