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Tesla’s electric Semi truck spotted loaded with Model 3 Highlands


What is better than delivering a Tesla Model 3? Delivering Tesla Model 3’s with a Tesla Semi! The EV maker has been observed shipping the upgraded version of the electric sedan or Model 3 Highland from its Freemont showroom.

Tesla is not afraid to put its own product to work as the Tesla Semi has been pictured laden with Model 3’s. The Tesla electric truck was spotted as it was moving out of the Fremont showroom on a delivery run.

The photos of the truck and the sedans were posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Tesla customer Meriam Al Sultan. She was returning a demo upgraded Model 3 car when she and her companions spotted the consignment. All the five vehicles were painted Ultra Red.


Teslarati noted that with just five cars, the Semi seemed to be loaded below its capacity as it is rated gross combination weight of 82,000 pounds. However, the issue may have to do with the trailer itself, which apparently was configured to transport only five cars at a time.

It is interesting that the trailer’s carrying capacity is less than the conventional carriers Tesla uses to transport its cars. The reason for this is not known.

However, as can be seen, the Semi was no slouch as it accelerated down the road.

Tesla has been using the Semi truck for transport for many years. According to a company official, Dan Priestley, on X, Tesla’s fleet of Semis has moved more than 20,000 battery packs between Giga Nevada and the Fremont facility. However, they have also run on the routes operated with Tesla’s diesel truck, with the official noting that the Semis have a lower operating cost.

Priestley added that the next step for the Semi fleet is to scale, signaling the retirement of the diesel trucks might be eminent.

Priestley said, “Every day, the Tesla Semi demonstrates that battery electric trucks can directly replace diesel trucks. With our own fleet of Semis, Tesla has shipped >20,000 battery packs out of Gigafactory Nevada to support Fremont vehicle builds. These trucks run the same route, carrying the same load (no load reduction for weight) as the diesel trucks running this route but at substantially lower operating cost. Now, it’s about scale.”

The Model 3 is Tesla’s most popular car ever with more than 2 million units sold globally. It had been due for another refresh. Tesla began preparations for the redesigned Model 3 production in Fremont in late 2022.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland is different from its predecessor in many ways, with some of them instantly noticeable. The refreshed model has a new front with a low drag coefficient. On the exterior, only the doors, and the rear quarter-panel stamping survived unchanged.

The headlamps have been slimmed down and carry more prominent LED daytime driving lights. The fog lamps have moved into the headlight assembly from the front bumper on the old model.

The bumper has also received attention, rendering it more aggressive and sportier.

There are new alloys in 18 and 19-inch options. According to Tesla, the new tires will be less noisy.

On the rear, the taillights have been merged into a unit and will no longer split when owners open the boot. The boot now uses two motors instead of one to close.

The T sign on the trunk has given way to a T-E-S-L-A signage. Rounding off the exterior changes are new color options: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey.

Inside, the car’s look and feel have been upgraded with better materials while stuffing in more Tesla’s innovative technology. The sedan now offers ventilated seats, an improved audio system, and a new rear display. The center console is now slightly larger and wears a new look with thinner bezels. The dashboard also features customizable LED lighting.

Tesla’s latest updates on the Model 3 include more screen estate with an eight-inch touchscreen for rear passengers to access settings and entertainment, like the more expensive Model S and Model X.

The windshield, front windows, and rear glass are now made of acoustic glass, contributing to a quieter cabin. Tesla claims that combined with other changes like sound insulation, the cabin has 30 percent less wind/ambient noise, 25 percent less impact noise, and 20 percent less road noise.

Perhaps the most personal change for the new Tesla Model 3 drivers is the steering wheel. Drivers can now access touch buttons controlling the turn signals, lights, horns, wipers, and the microphone on it. There is a new camera button and the indicators have been built into the steering wheel, with the horn now in the center.

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Header image courtesy of @ALSULTAN_MERIAM on X.