zoom iconRemplacement du volant en fibre de carbone mat Tesla Model 3/Y

Remplacement du volant en fibre de carbone mat Tesla Model 3/Y

Améliorez votre Tesla Model 3/Y avec notre volant exclusif en fibre de carbone mat. Découvrez le luxe et le style comme jamais auparavant.


Tesla modèle 3/Tesla modèle Y 2021-2023

Une touche d'imagination

Notre remplacement de volant en fibre de carbone mat est un design pionnier proposé exclusivement chez Fusion Motorsports USA. Avec notre intention de concevoir un volant de remplacement ergonomique et confortable, les longs trajets ne seront rien de moins qu'exaltants. Amenez votre Tesla vers de nouveaux sommets.

Visibilité maximisée, confort inégalé

Conçu pour maximiser la répartition de la lumière du soleil et minimiser l'éblouissement, notre remplacement de volant en fibre de carbone mat assure une visibilité ininterrompue pendant que vous êtes sur la route. Nous sommes fiers de nos produits et offrons une garantie à vie contre tout défaut esthétique.

L’image complète

Notre ensemble complet de remplacement comprend tous les composants nécessaires tels que l'airbag, les boutons tournants, les poignées et les segments supérieur/inférieur. Construits en interne avec une attention méticuleuse aux détails, nos remplacements ne nécessitent aucune autre modification et sont prêts pour une installation sans effort. Avec la fonction chauffante supplémentaire compatible avec Tesla Model 3 et Model Y, votre expérience de conduite atteint de nouveaux niveaux de confort. Aucune livraison d'échange de base n'est nécessaire !

Artisanat californien

Chez Fusion Motorsports USA, nous sommes très fiers de notre processus de fabrication basé en Californie. Nous apprécions vraiment ce que nous faisons et croyons en une approche pratique pour tous nos produits. Grâce à notre rôle direct, nous garantissons que notre perspective soucieuse du détail se reflétera à travers notre savoir-faire.

Restauration de la fonctionnalité de chauffage

Veuillez noter que le remplacement de votre volant OEM peut désactiver temporairement la fonctionnalité de chauffage. Pour restaurer cette fonctionnalité, il est essentiel de mettre à jour votre Tesla via le mode service. Accédez simplement au mode service et cliquez sur « Installation du logiciel ». Une fois l'installation terminée, la fonctionnalité de chauffage de votre nouvelle roue sera restaurée.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
James Yoon
Totally Awesome

Great quality products and great customer service. Very impressive all around.

Sao Yang
Amazing quality

High quality and very nice product. The steering wheel has a very comfortable and sporty feel to it. Best matte carbon fiber weave I've ever seen. Good product, recommended.


Love this product! Made my Tesla stand out against the rest.

Definitely going to be looking into more from this company.

QC & fit and finish

The overall look of the wheel is beautiful, but I have to say I was not satisfied with the QC side of things. I placed an order for my first wheel and for what it cost you would assume that it would have The presentation to come with it. I received my wheel in a box with hardly any protection. The the airbag replacement was up against the cardboard box and as you know the carriers aren’t the best at taking care of boxes.

The first string wheel I received was completely unacceptable. It looked like they removed the steering wheel and airbag cover off of our wheel that the airbag was deployed from. It had that white powder that you see when an airbag has been used all over it. Even more the wheel used. Back of the wheel had scratches and scripts, this is an expensive steering wheel and first impressions were not good. I didn’t reached out to the customer service and they responded with a “I’m sorry the stair wheel did not meet your expectation.” Email which did not sit well with me because if the condition in which the wheel came in meets their expectation, that’s very low standards.

I went back-and-forth with them to have them replace the wheel. They proceeded to do so, but took their cool time shipping it out. My first wheel I made sure I took the fastest shipping so I can get it to me because I had my car going into the shop to get everything done from tints, PPF and interior detailing and I already had an appointment that I could not reschedule because I’ll lose my $400 deposit. I told him that and there was no rush for them to send me out the replacement wheel so I got it and still had to lose money on my deposit because it didn’t get here on time to meet my appointment. I got the second wheel it looked fine, but the airbag cover still has the same QC issue that the last one did. The center strip on the top of the wheel does not sit center , there was no more airbag dust, but the Tesla was not flush and even on all sides . And like I said, for the amount of money you’re paying you would expect them to have a better fit and finish for what you pay. So I decided to use the OEM airbag cover, and left theirs in the box with the OEM wheel.

Like I said, they make a phenomenal looking wheel. It’s beautiful. I might just have a bad experience with the wheels, but that does not mean I won’t be shopping with them anymore. I like the Tesla model three – and door replacement, carbon fiber. I have those on order so now I just have to wait and see how they show up and how they look and if it turns out to be the same story that’s it for this company and I’m cutting ties. I would love to say you get what you pay for but I paid a lot and I didn’t get anything I thought I would.

I’ll leave some photos below when you guys be the judge. Let me know if I’m overreacting. The one with the steering wheel on is the replacement. (notice the off centered strip)

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with the initial quality control and shipping of your steering wheel replacement. We strive to provide the highest quality products and we are sorry that this was not reflected in your first wheel.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we worked to replace your steering wheel. We understand the importance of timely delivery, especially when it comes to appointments. We will make sure to improve our shipping process to ensure a more efficient delivery in the future.

If there are any further concerns or issues with your replacement wheel, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We value your business and want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Thank you for choosing our Tesla Model 3/Y Matte Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement. We hope you enjoy the sleek and stylish look it adds to your vehicle.

Matthew Trykowski
Fantastic Product

Excellent craftsmanship and wonderful customer service. They answered every question I had about the product. All necessary tools needed to install the trim are included with the set. Product arrived quickly and packaged securely. Easy installation after watching their helpful videos on their YouTube page. Fantastic work Fusion Motorsports, keep up the amazing work.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you are happy with the Tesla Model 3/Y Matte Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement set and that installation was easy. We hope you enjoy your new steering wheel!

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Steering Wheel Installation Video

Tools Needed:

  • Two Allen Wrenches
  • 10mm Torque Socket
  • Rachet
  • T-55 Torx Bit (or 10mm hex bit socket drive)
  • Flathead Screwdriver