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New 2024 Tesla Model 3: Release, Updates, and More


The highly anticipated 2024 Model 3 has finally hit the market in Europe, Australia, and select countries in Asia. After months of secrecy, EV enthusiasts finally have access to the new Model 3 so we can study the car, document changes and finally answer questions about the car.

In this article, we will try to summarize official statements, various reviews, credible rumors about the new 2024 Model 3.

With the appeal of the “green” movement, increasing availability of charging stations, and driving practicality, the Tesla Model 3 continues to outshine notable competitors such as RivianLucid, and Fisker. As the most attractive choice for a premium electric vehicle, what can we expect out of the 2024 Tesla Model 3?

September 2023 Update - Confirmed Changes

With the release of 2024 Model 3 in Europe, Australia, and certain Asian countries, we finally have a clear picture of the new Model 3.

This video that summarizes most important changes to the car:

Motors and Battery

The new Model 3 uses the same battery from previous year. However, Tesla claims that the car's aerodynamic design increased its efficiency on the road.

Even with the same battery, range of Model 3 cars increased by as much as 12%. Tesla has reported a maximum range of 344 miles for the Rear Wheel Drive and 421 miles for the Long Range trim. Increases in range are largely due to improvements in the car's aerodynamic design.

Fans have speculated whether the new Tesla Model 3 would get faster charging. The answer is no, maximum charging speed is still capped at 170KwH.

Top speed for both 2024 RWD and LR trims is capped at 125 miles per hour, a noticeable reduction from 140 and 145 miles per hour of 2023 RWD and LR trims, respectively. 

Performance trim is not yet available for purchase. Because of its popularity, it's safe to assume that Tesla will release it later.

Improvements to suspension

The new Model 3 is much better equipped to handle bumpy roads.

Suspension improvements include:

  • New springs and dampers
  • Redesigned front suspension
  • More secure attachment
  • Upgraded bushings
  • Tires designed to cushion from impact from bumps on the road


On September 1st, we got our first look at the latest Tesla Model 3. 

The new Model 3 is available in five colours. Two colours are new - Ultra Red ($2600 extra) and Stealth Grey ($2300 extra). The classic colors - Pearl White Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Solid Black are still available, and it's likely that their prices will remain the same.

Prices for the new colors are listed in Australian Dollars since the latest Model 3 isn't currently available in the US.

Some Tesla owners will be pleased to know that wooden dashboard and door trims are gone. Tesla has reportedly updated 50% of the parts to soundproof the interior and improve its aesthetics.

Now, let's delve into the specifics and explore changes to 2024 Model 3, inside and out.


In a significan departure from 2023 Model 3, the exterior for the new Model 3 seems to embrace a sleek, sporty, and more aggressive design.


Let's look at pictures of 2023 and 2024 Model 3 cars to better understand outward changes to the car.

2023 Model 3:

2024 Model 3:

Most noticeable changes are:

  • Slimmer headlights for a more sporty look. Similar to headlights on the Model S. 
  • More prominent LED daytime lights
  • Absence of fog lights
  • More prominent air vent

Prior to the 2024 Model 3 release, Tesla shared renderings where the car had a camera on front bumper. However, this feature was missing in prototypes given to YouTubers for review, and now, images showing the front camera have been removed from Tesla's website.

It's safe to assume that the new 2024 Model 3 will not have a camera on the front. This is a shame, since a front camera could open up possibilities for lots of new exciting features and improve self-driving capabilities of new Model 3.

Unfortunately, Tesla did not add automated front trunk feature that many of us were excited for. 


Side of the car is largely unchanged. Let's have a look:

  • Base 18-inch Photon wheels now feature slats so they appear larger
  • Upgrade to 19-inch Nova wheels available


There are significant changes to the rear of the car. Let's look at 2023 and 2024 versions of Model 3:

2023 Model 3:

2024 Model 3:

  • The taillights are thinner and located on the trunk, instead of being split between the trunk and body of the car.
  • Bottom of the bumper is completely new and features fog lights.
  • Tesla logo is replaced by wordmark (text logo).


It may not be obvious, but Tesla updated more than 50% of interior components. Changes to the material and color of interior components were intended to add a bit of luxury and soundproof the interior for quieter, more enjoyable ride.

In the past, only windscreen and front windows were made of acoustic glass. All windows in the new 2024 Model 3 use acoustic glass to block out outside noise.

Like the exterior, interior of the new Model 3 seems to take inspiration from Model S. Color options remain the same - standard black, and a white upgrade. Importantly, black interior no longer features wooden components.

Tesla finally added ambient lighting to the car. LED strip that runs throughout the interior adds to the futuristic vibe and looks cool in the dark.

Drivers can use control panel to choose any color or turn LED lights off entirely. 

The size of touchscreen is unchanged, but it is now brighter and more responsive, and more narrow bezels slightly increase screen space. Touchscreen has many new use-cases: choose colors for LED light, set custom climate settings for passengers in the back, and even change gears.

New dashboard panel features a more prominent air vent. As we already mentioned, wooden dashboard is gone. YouTube reviews report that we'll be able to customize materials and colors of the dashboard when ordering the car. 

We also see significant changes to the steering wheel. In previous cars, Tesla tried to replace regular horn with a button. The change was very unpopular and fortunately, the new Model 3 has a regular horn.

Many Tesla fans will be disappointed to learn that stalks are gone, replaced by buttons on the left and right sides of steering wheel. At least we now have a video button to display the rear view and help with parking.

Changes to the center console are mostly cosmetic. Aluminum accents look much better and match premium style of the interior.

The 2024 Model 3 also comes with upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Better network capabilities will allow drivers to better enjoy entertainment, music, and other related features.

Audiophiles will be delighted to learn about improvements to the sound system. New Model 3 comes with one additional subwoofer and two additional speakers. One of the new speakers is strategically positioned near the roof for a more even sound distribution.

In addition to wireless phone charging, new Model 3 also has a new 65W USB-C port for fast laptop charging.

Now, let's talk about seats.

Although they took longer than should have, Tesla finally added ventilated seats to 2024 Model 3. For now, this feature is available only for front seats.

Similar to normal climate settings, seats can be cooled ahead of time, so you can take off in comfort as soon as you get into the car. Overall, ventilated seats are a great addition for Tesla owners living in warm climates like California.

New interior design includes two USB-C ports in the backseat, allowing passengers to charge their phones more comfortably. Tesla also added a second control panel in the back. The screen is smaller, but has all the essential features. It lets passengers adjust climate settings in the back, control the stereo, and access basic entertainment features. 

Tesla also redesigned back seats to make them more comfortable. Hopefully car deliveries start soon, so we can experience the comfort of back seats firsthand. 

Release of The New 2024 Tesla Model 3 in the US

It looks like Tesla fans in the USA will have to wait until Q1 2024 to order the new Model 3, with deliveries expected to start several months later.

According to Tweet from Teslascope, late release is due to delays at Fremont Gigafactory, which manufactures Tesla cars for North American market. Tesla is also trying to sell existing 2023 Model 3 stock before releasing the updated version.

2024 Model 3 Pricing

The price of 2024 Model 3 in the US remains unknown, but we estimate it by looking at prices in markets where the car is available.

In Europe, the 2024 Model 3 standard trim costs 42,490 euros (approximately $45,500), about 1,000 euros more than the 2023 Model 3. The Long Range trim is available for 49,990 Euros (about $53,500). Performance trim is not yet available, but Tesla is likely to release it later.

According to Edmunds, “The only concern for Model 3 buyers is the price trajectory over the last few years. The Model 3’s MSRP has slowly crept upward, and it seems like the dream of a $35,000 Tesla will stay exactly that, a dream.” Whether or not Tesla will lower prices in the coming year, the Model 3 is still one of the cheapest EVs by the mile and offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than many other cars.

2024 Model 3 Charging

Leaked photos of new V4 superchargers got many of us excited at the possibility of faster charging speeds on the new Model 3. Unfortunately it didn’t come to fruition, and maximum charging speed is still 170kwh.

Depending on which type of 2024 Model 3 you are most interested in, different recharging strategies will have to be used: in case of the most common NCA batteries (more energy dense and expensive), charge cycles should aim to a 80% to 90% recharge for most of the times, while in case of adoption of the LFP batteries (cheaper and less energy dense), it is recommended that Model 3 owners keep the charge limit set to 100%, and charge their cars to 100% at least once a week.

Now, to answer the one million dollar question...


Should you wait for the 2024 Model 3 or order a 2023 model now?


Looking at current prices in Europe, 2024 Tesla Model 3 is a better overall choice. This is due to significant improvements to range, suspension, wheels, ventilated seats, and both exterior and interior design. It also helps that difference in prices of 2024 and 2023 Model 3 cars is only around $1000. Potential price cuts on 2023 Model 3 might make it more attractive option.

Choosing between the 2023 and 2024 Model 3 comes down to personal preferences in car functionality and design. You might not appreciate the removal of stalks or wooden elements from 2024 Model 3. In that case, you might be better off with the 2023 Model 3, especially if it's cheaper.

Recent price cuts suggest that Tesla aims to sell as many Model 3 cars as possible. With the release of 2024 Model 3, further price cuts on 2023 Model 3 are not out of the realm of possibility.


A white Tesla Model 3 on a gravel road in front of mountains.