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Carbon Fiber Accessories for Tesla: Worth It?


Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Carbon Fiber

The body and interior of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are already very elegant. If a Tesla owner feels they want to customize their car, they can choose from a range of options, including carbon fiber accessories. You can customize your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with one or a combination of these add-ons for a very sporty and attractive appearance.

To date, there are a large number of manufacturers that design Tesla Model 3 interior and exterior accessories, ranging from the dashboard to a body-kit. We will get into the best options for your vehicle but first, let's start with a clear basis of what carbon fiber really is.

Carbon Fiber Design

In the automotive field, carbon does not mean the chemical element, but a composite material (Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, or CFRP) made up of polymers reinforced with multiple carbon fibers. The material is defined as “composite” since it is composed by joining the fibers to a matrix. The fibers are threadlike structures that are usually intertwined to form a kind of fabric, which is subsequently immersed in a resin, which will maintain the desired shape over time. Depending on the product type, the quality of the carbon fiber can range from wraps, plastic/ABS, or real carbon fiber accessories for your Tesla Model 3/Model Y.

‍Carbon Fiber Summary

Carbon fiber has numerous benefits such as: high mechanical resistance, low density, high thermal insulation, resistance to temperature variations and fire retardant behavior. However, due to the high processing of the production process, this material is very expensive. This disadvantage makes real carbon fiber quite rare, yet can be a valuable asset to Tesla enthusiasts that admire the work that goes into manufacturing real Carbon Fiber accessories.

Carbon Fiber Origin

The birth of carbon fiber can be traced back to the end of the 1950s. In the laboratories of the Parma Technical Center, in Ohio, a composite material was created consisting of graphite filaments arranged on sheets or rolls. Nonetheless, we will have to wait until 1969 for the production of the first carbon fiber fabric as we know it today, by the British company Carr Reinforcements.

Tesla Model 3/Model Y Carbon Fiber Accessories

‍Tesla Model 3/Model Y Carbon Fiber Interior Accessories

Now that we know more about this material, how can we use carbon fiber in Tesla accessories? Sure enough, among all the possible accessories created for the interior of your Tesla, one of the indispensable components for carbon fiber enthusiasts is certainly the dashboard: this consists of a complete kit that acts as a full replacement for the wood veneer or white trim of your Tesla Model 3/Model Y OEM dashboard. For refreshed Model 3 and Model Y’s, there are now carbon-fiber door trim replacements that perfectly match the dashboard replacement. There are also other variants such as wraps, plastic caps, etc., all depending on your personal preference.

There are also other Tesla Model 3/Model Y interior accessories such as steering wheel replacements, door sills, armrests, and center consoles. Before purchasing, confirm with the company that their carbon fiber accessories are authentic/genuine parts.

Tesla Model 3/Model Y Carbon Fiber Exterior Accessories

For the exterior of your Tesla Model 3/Model Y, many companies have now started to manufacture carbon fiber body kits. These are a set of carbon fiber components that give your Tesla a sporty and aggressive appearance, similar to a high-end supercar. To add to this, the existing kits on the market are generally composed of: spoilers, side skirts, fenders, rear diffusers, and reflectors.

Other carbon fiber accessories for your Tesla Model 3/Model Y include carbon fiber side camera covers, offered by Teslarati. Depending on the manufacturer and model chosen, the autopilot camera cover can be customized with accessories resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents (most authentic carbon fiber accessories for the Tesla Model 3/Model Y will come equipped with an additional layer of protection for UV/heat rays, ensuring the accessory will maintain its finish for a lifetime).

In addition to the integrated kits, there are specific carbon fiber accessories for mirror caps, door inserts, trunk spoilers, carbon fiber T logos, you name it… 

The Future of Carbon Fiber

‍Carbon Fiber For Your Tesla Model 3/Model Y

When choosing a carbon fiber accessory for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, especially online where you cannot physically check the condition of the item, we advise you to carefully evaluate the vendor references as well as the quality and durability of the items. A common sign for verifying real carbon fiber accessories is to have guarantees against yellowing and cracking. You do not want to wait for weeks to receive your new Tesla Model 3/Model Y carbon fiber accessory to discover that the item was not what it seemed at first.

Unplugged Performance And Koenigsegg Partnership

At this point, and keeping our promise introduced in the beginning of the article, we can finally speak about the news that will certainly be of interest to carbon fiber accessories and Tesla tuning fans! If you want to give an extra touch of wickedness to your Tesla, you can check out a company that has a lot of wickedness to its name, Koenigsegg.

Since the beginning of this year, the Swedish company Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing has entered into an agreement with Unplugged Performance. As of now, they are designing exciting accessories for all Tesla models, including spoilers, wide fender sets, and more!

But who is Unplugged Performance? Like AMG for Mercedes or SRT for Dodge, Unplugged Performance is Tesla's official tuner. The Los Angeles-based company specializes in Tesla tuning and also has a line of high-quality products. Elon Musk is an endorser of Unplugged Performance, and on more than one occasion has shown interest in those trainers who got their hands on his cars to improve their appearance and performance. Until now, however, no one has ever had a direct link with the parent company. 

In this context, the collaboration between Koenigsegg and Unplugged Performance dates back to 2021, but was initially kept secret, but now it is out in the open with details and name UP x KAM.

Cutting Edge

Koenigsegg is now producing carbon fiber components for various Tesla models. All the aerodynamic kits of the UP x KAM, at the moment, are made with the same cutting-edge techniques that uses for their own hypercars. This manufacturing process entails the use of a special resin and modeling techniques that guarantee maximum precision in assembly, similar to Fusion Motorsports USA’s manufacturing process for their products.

Each piece is then sandblasted, polished, treated with a special transparent varnish, and branded with an adhesive that indicates the partnership between Unplugged Performance and Koenigsegg.

Should You Choose Carbon Fiber For Your Tesla?

Not everyone is a fan of the carbon fiber look. Its main purpose is to add performance benefits while creating a mesmerizing look to enhance the presence of your vehicle. For example, the dashboard replacement offered by Fusion Motorsports USA is 1.1 pounds lighter than the OEM version, but there's no dramatic effect when it comes to performance (aside from adding 20 miles of range… joking) However, when you start to add up the different accessories on your Tesla, the big picture will come together. For example, certain carbon fiber spoilers will increase downforce at higher speeds, carbon fiber hoods will decrease added weight, etc. 

In the end, it comes down to your driving experience. If you feel that seeing these carbon fiber accessories on your Tesla will create a positive and fun experience, it may be worth the investment.