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What is Spectre Fiber and is it better than Carbon Fiber?


An Alternative to Carbon Fiber

The Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 have many aftermarket accessory options, but they are primarily limited with either carbon fiber replacement parts or covers. If you are still wanting to add premium modifications to your Tesla but can not decide on what type of modification to add, Spectre Fiber could be a potential solution.

What is Spectre Fiber?

Spectre Fiber is an alternative to authentic carbon fiber and is a bright white polyethylene. Inspired by Honeywell, Fusion Motorsports USA set out to become the first automotive accessory company to incorporate Spectre Fiber.

In terms of strength and durability, Spectre Fiber closely matches the impressive features of real carbon fiber. Spectre Fiber is one of the strongest and lightest fibers available on the market. With outstanding toughness, elasticity, and tenacity, Spectre Fiber has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any man-made fiber. The only disadvantage to Spectre Fiber as opposed to real carbon fiber is the lack of natural ingredients. Spectre Fiber is manufactured with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, while real carbon fiber is made with organic polymers. 

Properties of Spectre Fiber

The lightweight properties of Spectre Fiber along with its high resistance to chemicals, water, and ultraviolet light make it a great component of Tesla Aftermarket Accessories. Although Spectre Fiber is traditionally used for advanced armor applications such as police and ballistic-resistant vests, helmets and vehicles.

One important aspect that all of the best Tesla accessories contain is the ability to maintain their structural integrity. Manufacturers should take into account wear-and-tear, usage, and other environmental conditions that could potentially affect the quality of the product long-term. Spectre Fiber solves that.

Spectre Fiber is guaranteed to absorb vibration damping and will maintain its fiber friction characteristics for a lifetime. Additionally, the properties of Spectre Fiber allow it to maintain high resistance to abrasion and corrosion. It is no wonder Spectre Fiber is used in countless high-performance applications.

As a result of its texture and composite, Spectre Fiber will appear translucent when resin is applied. If assembled correctly, it will resemble a very deep-3D look.

Should I get Spectre Fiber for my Tesla?

Spectre Fiber accessories, especially for Tesla, are not as common in the marketplace. Certain manufacturers such as Fusion Motorsports USA, have incorporated Spectre Fiber accessories to their Carbon Fiber product line. This can be seen with Fusion Motorsports USA own Spectre Fiber Dashboard & Door Trim replacement set Without considering any of the structural benefits of Spectre Fiber, it will look identical to a “White” carbon fiber design. If you are a Tesla owner that is looking to push boundaries and inspire change, the Spectre Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement or Dashboard Set may fit that criteria.