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White vs Black Interior for Tesla Model 3 - Which is better?


In this article, we will try to answer all your questions about black and white interiors of Tesla Model 3, and hopefully help you decide between two equally attractive options.

Differences and similarities

First, let's pinpoint the differences between the black and white interiors of the car.

The most noticeable difference is the color of the dashboard, door trims, and seats. Black interiors come with wooden dashboards and door trims, as opposed to white aluminum dashboards used in the white interior.

Except for obvious differences in color, black and white seats are the same. Both variants are made of high-quality artificial leather that is stain resistant and looks great.

Does the white interior get dirty?

White interior does not get any dirtier than the black. It is, however, more likely to show even smallest signs of stain and dirt.

White seats are very stain resistant. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself commented that ‘you can spill red wine on the seats and wipe it off’. Naturally, bloggers tried to put this statement to the test and found it to be true.

Unfortunately, seats are not immune to the transfer of color from clothes (usually jeans). If you’re someone who wears jeans a lot, from time to time your driver’s seat is going to show a hint of blue. The good news is, cleaning this stain is easy and does not require special products.

More severe stains are caused when seatbelts transfer their color onto white seats. This usually happens when seatbelts are under direct sunlight and hot temperature causes seat belts to ‘melt’ onto seats. Unfortunately these stains can not be easily removed, and might require the help of specialists.

In summary

White interiors require more attention than black ones. With that being said, interior parts are designed to be easy to clean, so the maintenance requires minimal time and effort. 

According to car owners, cleaning the interior once a week, or once every two weeks is enough to maintain it in good condition. Tesla advises using non-detergent soap and microfiber cloth to clean white components. Community forums also recommend using baby wipes.


When comparing two good looking interiors, there's always going to be a disagreement about which one looks better.

Black interiors are praised for their classic, sophisticated look, whereas white interiors look more spacious and add to the futuristic experience of driving a Tesla.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so this argument usually boils down to personal preference. It must be noted that Tesla CEO himself considers white to be more attractive.


The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable car in the Tesla lineup, so it’s safe to assume that most people buying the car care about the additional cost of the white interior. 

White seats look great, and contrary to popular belief, are easy to maintain. Still, they do require some attention and there are risks of severe stains from seatbelts. Ultimately, it’s up to you to weigh the pros against the cons and decide whether the advantages justify the extra cost.

Even if you have $1000 to spare, there may be better ways to upgrade your car’s appearance. For example, you could get a premium carbon-fiber accessory bundle to upgrade your dashboard, door trims, and steering wheel. Or you could get premium white seat covers, so you can alternate between black and white seats.


Both variants of seats are made of sustainable vegan leather. There are differences in materials used for the interior dashboard and door trims. In the white interior, these components are made of aluminum. This is arguably a more expensive and elevated material than the black interior's faux wood components.


White interior

Polyurethane (vegan leather) material is averse to stains but requires consistent care to stay in good shape. Cleaning process is relatively straightforward. Use microfiber cloth or baby wipes to clean dust, fingerprints, denim transfer, or other stains from regular use. 

Top of the seats is vegan leather, but inner-facing sides are made of fabric, which can easily stain. Riders in the car need to be very careful to avoid food or drink accidents. Fortunately, most stains are easy to remove. Transfer of color from clothes can be easily wiped away. 

Aluminum dashboard and door trims look great. However, many Tesla owners complain about dashboard reflection in the side window. It looks something like this:

There are dashboard covers to reduce the reflection. As an added bonus, using a cover can help you protect your OEM dashboard and maintain a high resale value.

In summary, materials in white interior are easy to clean. Still, due to their color, dirt and stains are going to be more visible on white components than black ones. If you do decide to get a white interior, be prepared to spend at least half an hour every week cleaning it.

Black Interior

The black interior comes with a wooden dash and door trims that nicely fit into the overall dark theme. Many choose to upgrade OEM parts to carbon-fiber dashboards and door trims.

Looking at the pictures, it’s hard to deny that carbon fiber accessories can significantly improve black interior design. If you do decide to go for an upgrade, take a look at our collection of high-quality carbon-fiber accessories. They’re made of the same carbon-fiber material used in Tesla factories.

Thanks to stain-resistant vegan leather and their color, the dark interior is a great choice for people who can’t always find time to clean their car.

Cabin Temperature

Your choice of colors for the interior (and exterior) can help you regulate the cabin temperature of the car. It is common knowledge that black surfaces absorb heat, while white surfaces reflect it. If you live in a sunny area, a white interior is a perfect choice to naturally lower your cabin temperature. Similarly, a black interior is a great choice for places that get limited sunlight.

You can always use Tesla’s AC system and built-in cabin overheat protection to control the temperature in the car. However, choosing certain colors can allow AC to do less work, consume less energy and keep batteries full.


Both black and white interiors have a set of advantages and disadvantages.

The white variant looks spacious and futuristic. With little maintenance, it can last quite a long time. Stain-resistant materials protect you from accidents and allow you to easily remove any stains left by clothing. On the other hand, white interior requires regular maintenance to prevent the ‘dirty’ look.

The standard black interiors are an excellent choice for those who prefer a more relaxed maintenance routine and don’t want to worry about visible stains or dirt.

Regardless of the interior color you choose, it's important to treat your Tesla Model 3 with care. Black interiors do not easily show stains and dirt but still require some care to maintain their appearance.

If you're an active person spending considerable time outdoors, at the gym, or simply prone to making messes, it’s probably best to get a protective seat cover to protect your seats.

Ultimately, the decision between a white or black interior boils down to whether the many advantages of a white interior are worth the extra cost.