Dante Baccus

Driving Innovation

With several years of covering the latest and most innovative gadgets, Dante Baccus is no stranger to the world of tech. True to his passion, he drives a Tesla and creates engaging content for those keen on leveraging technology to enhance their lifestyle.

Dante's Journey to Upgrade His Tesla with Fusion Motors

Like many Tesla owners, Dante used a variety of accessories to enhance his car's interior. Dissatisfied with covers/caps for his dashboard and door trims, he discovered our comprehensive replacements for interior components in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Dante partnered with us to explore further possibilities to improve interior of his car.

Techitup with Dante

Dante's YouTube channel, Techitup, is a goldmine of information for anyone looking to personalize their Tesla's interior. His videos offer insights on accessories and extras to improve aesthetics and driving experience of your Tesla car. One of the recent videos is a deep, detailed review of our products, where Dante provides expert insight on how our replacements stack up against alternatives on the market. If you're considering upgrading your Tesla, inside or out, watching Dante's reviews could be incredibly helpful.