Evan Michiels

Small Town; Big Dreams

Growing up in Appleton, Wisconsin, Evan for much of his childhood lived in a small-town community. He grew up working tirelessly in his parents' restaurant until he later began working for a logistics company. Evan Michiels is no foreigner to the Tesla Community. Ultimately growing tired of the long cold winters in Appleton, Wisconsin, he transferred jobs to Raleigh, North Carolina for 6 years. During this time, he traveled all across Europe, which is where he met his now partner while on a tour group excursion of Venice, Italy. Seeking a change of scenery one more, Evan transferred his position to Savannah, Georgia, which is where he continues to reside to this day and make YouTube videos part-time for other's enjoyment.

The Future of The Automotive Industry

After buying his first Tesla Model 3 in 2018, he absolutely fell in love with the vehicle.  From the low maintenance cost to the AutoPilot system to Tesla's massive super charger network, his love for the vehicle quickly turned into a passion. Evan saw electric vehicles as the future of the automotive industry and began work on building a blog and YouTube channel to share his fascination with other like-minded individuals.

Evan was the first influencer willing to work with us to showcase our Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard to the world. We owe much of our success to him, as he brought the attention essential in helping ouR company get up and running. Evan Michiels is a man who knows how to get straight to the point in regard to what people want to hear about. He creates videos showing the latest and greatest Tesla aftermarket accessories in an uplifting and cheerful tone while displaying the products clear and concisely. We appreciate the work we have done with Evan and look forward to working with him in the future.

Part 2

As one of our first supporters, Evan has gone above and beyond in establishing the expansive presence of Fusion Motorsports USA. When we first reached out to Evan, he was requesting that we add a Matte Carbon Fiber dashboard replacement to our product line. Fast forward a couple months later and now he is the first Tesla enthusiast to own our exclusive Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Matte Carbon Fiber Dashboard. We are grateful for Evan's continued support and highly recommend checking out his Tesla-informative channel!