Watch – Laugh – Leave

Gjeebs' motto above displays his personality better than anything else. A father, husband, unofficial comedian, and youtuber, Gjeebs is both an affluent & charismatic YouTuber that holds the ability to keep viewers coming back continuously to his channel with his content. You can feel his personality instantly surge through your mind as soon as you click on one of his review videos, such as with our Glossy Carbon Fiber dashboard. While he takes you on a journey throughout his life through a camera, he spares no second in making the viewer laugh and smile as they follow along the ride.

Is there someone who can make you laugh as much as Gjeebs? Maybe, however we think he takes the crown for this. Did we mention how cute his dog is?

He does a great job at staying up-to-date with Tesla ownership and accessory reviews. If you are interested in following his path while he continues to showcase new Tesla features, his channel will be a great fit!