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An overall Tesla fanatic, Brian has built a YouTube channel with an amazing approach to Tesla content Many of his videos are vlogs of his journey with his Tesla Model 3 Performance Edition, Model Y, and Model S Plaid Edition. Any customizations and changes you could possibly think of doing to a Tesla, he has most likely done. For example, what could be more exciting than a Model Y off-roading? (video link below)

Mars or Moab? i1Tesla Model Y Off-Roading

Known for his original content, you can ensure you will find just about any video regarding your interests. Brian does a fantastic job at portraying the differences between his vehicles and the traditional designs offered from the Tesla factory.

We are ecstatic to have had the opportunity to work with a very well-known individual within the Tesla community for our Tesla Model 3 & Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard and look forward to his exciting video releases. Check his page out and you will not be disappointed.