Kobra ToldYa

Keen To The Point

Kobra ToldYa , a father and YouTuber, is one of the first few we had started working with to showcase our Tesla Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Dashboard to the world. He is an enthusiast that admires testing the newest and greatest of everything, not wasting even a second to share with the rest of the world his opinions in regards on his channel.

We chose to work with Kobra because while the atmosphere he brings is quite joyous and ecstatic, he is an individual that remains forthcoming with his criticisms and concerns. Kobra ToldYa carries the empathy essential for calling into question, “What would the viewer want to know?”, and his ability truly shows with every video he makes. His videos are as entertaining as they are informative, as he holds the ability to keep viewers eyes peeled on the screen for every second of the video, only to stray their gaze when they laugh along with him.

Our relationship with Kobra is not one that includes an affiliate link or discount codes, but a true and honest review about our product with no outside influence. We asked him to give his personal opinions regarding the product, and mutually set it up so that Kobra has no monetary influence in regards to what he tells his viewers. The purpose of this review video was created with the intent to inform and bring to light opinions he curated regarding the item.

It has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure and honor to work with Kobra ToldYa, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.