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From Tesla Vehicles to E-bikes, Shawver stops at nothing to express his electric personality Chris Shawver is an influencer whose channel is dedicated to showcasing the latest eco-friendly solutions available and his experiences with them all around sunny Southern California. He frequently updates his page with vlogs about group e-bike rides, off-roading videos, and his experience with owning a Tesla Model Y.

Shawver Films is known for his exciting video releases and engaging content. He does a fantastic job of staying active and posting videos revolving around popular topics such as modifications to E-bikes, races, and Tesla accessories. We look forward to his adventurous and thrilling posts!

Due to his sharp and open-minded nature, we knew that Chris would be a great fit to team up with to review our Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement. His transparency and authenticity attracted us within seconds. We are appreciative for the opportunity to partner with a down-to-earth individual!