The Megawatts

Shocking Selection

The Megawatts is an active companion within the Tesla community, informing his audience on new and exciting features within the electric vehicle aftermarket accessories realm. If you're searching for an in-depth analysis on a wide range of topics regarding Tesla, The Megawatts YouTube page is right for you. His channel is dedicated to showing viewers every type of Tesla Model 3 & Model Y upgrade imaginable.

Want to have your Tesla lights synchronize with the Squid Game theme song?

He's done it.

One iPad like screen not good enough?

He has the solution.

Want to feel like you're driving a Tesla Model S Plaid?

He has the answer.

When The Megawatts is not shooting videos about Tesla upgrades, he takes time to talk about new updates with his Tesla, or other electric vehicles such as his Rivian R1T.