Dry Carbon Fiber All-Inclusive HW4.0 Version Camera Cover for Tesla Model 3 Highland (Gloss)

Sporty Looks, Incredible Shine, and Robust Protection. Introducing the HW4.0 Glossy Carbon Fiber Camera Cover Upgrade


— Sporty Looks, Incredible Shine, and Robust Protection. Introducing the HW4.0 Glossy Carbon Fiber Camera Cover Upgrade —  

This dry carbon fiber gloss finish cover for your side cameras delivers a superior shine and classy appeal that adds a sophisticated, luxurious feel. Its color gives off a sporty look and makes your Tesla stand out on the road and even on your office’s parking lot or driveway. 

Crafted from high-grade dry carbon fiber, this glossy cover provides an unmatched performance and style that lasts for, well, a long time. Also, it makes sure your side cameras are not only enhanced but elegantly protected from dust, dirt, UV rays or rain. 

Moreover, it's lightweight and fits 1:1 like a glove. And we use a 3M commercial-grade adhesive that sticks together firmly. Finally, an extra layer of sophistication also features UV protection to maintain its luster without fading, even under harsh sunlight, like Nevada. 

This makes it a must-have for any Tesla enthusiast looking to add finer, luxurious, and sporty details to his car’s exterior. 

  • Brilliant Glossy Finish: A first-class gloss finish that dramatically enhances your Tesla's appearance. 

  • Lightweight yet highly durable: Our team made this 100% real dry carbon fiber to offer an exceptional product that’s lightweight, resilient, and in outstanding design.

  • Perfect, Snug Fit: We hand-molded it to match the original Tesla Highland Model 3 to ensure a stable integration. With its brand-new look, your Tesla stays safe and in style.   

  • Simple, Safe Installation: It features non-destructive adhesive glue. Just peel it off and stick. Voila! It will hold it together for years without a single scratch or damage to your new Tesla. However, just be sure to clean your camera and dry it well before you apply it. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 100% Real Dry Carbon Fiber 

  • Finish: High-gloss with multi-layer UV protection 

  • Fit: Customized for Tesla Highland Model 3, HW4.0 Version 

  • Install: Simple, with pre-applied 3M commercial-grade tape 

  • Warrant: Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects 

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