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Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement - Fusion Motorsports USA Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement - Fusion Motorsports USA Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement - Fusion Motorsports USA Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement - Fusion Motorsports USA Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement - Fusion Motorsports USA Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement - Fusion Motorsports USA

Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3/Y with our Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard replacement. Hand-built with quality materials that will last a lifetime.


Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard to Improve Your Interior Aesthetics

A dashboard replacement designed for longevity and style. Follow a simple installation process to enjoy beautiful interior in your Tesla. 



  • Tesla Model 3 (All Years)
  • Tesla Model Y (All Years)

Our dashboard replacement fits all Tesla Model 3 and Model Ys except for 2023 Model 3/Y cars with a Generation 3 design.

Important: Tesla Model Y vehicles built in Austin in 2023 and onward, and Tesla Model 3/Y vehicles built in Berlin in 2023 and onward have a Generation 3 dashboard.

Please use this VIN decoder to verify the manufacturing location of your 2023 Model 3/Y, and keep in mind that cars built in aforementioned locations are not compatible with our product.

Alternatively, you can check for a screw on the side of your dashboard as shown in this photo to determine if you have a Generation 3 dashboard.

Cover vs Replacement

Covers are affordable and easy way to upgrade your dashboard's appearance. However, they are often wrong size and don't fully cover the dashboard. Covers are also prone to losing adhesiveness and likely to come off within a year or two.

In contrast, our product is a full replacement, tailor made to seamlessly integrate into your car and immediately improve its interior aesthetics. Its unique appearance and style will immediately stand out and complement your black interior much better than any generic dash replacements or covers on the market.

Underneath the glossy carbon fiber surface, our replacements are similar to OEM dashboard in attachment design, materials, and overall structure. These similarities ensure that our glossy carbon fiber dashboard is the perfect fit and stays securely attached for a very long time.

Why choose us

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship – Every accessory is built by hand and closely inspected to maintain high quality standards and ensure perfect fit. 

  • Highest quality materials – We carefully picked materials to create a beautiful centerpiece for long-term use.

  • Reduced glare –  Glossy accessories are characterized by distracting reflections and glare. Our glossy carbon fiber dashboards' surface is designed to evenly disperse the light and reduce glare.

  • A full replacement – Our glossy carbon fiber dashboard, a true upgrade from the OEM wooden dash, instantly enhances your interior with sophistication and class. Its secure attachment ensures lasting elegance for years to come.

  • Lifetime warranty – Every dashboard replacement is crafted by hand, and carefully inspected to ensure its flawless condition. We take pride in delivering top-tier products, and offer lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to make sure our customers feel safe when making a significant purchase.

  • Exclusive – Our carbon fiber accessories' durability and style sets them apart from generic products available online. Our dash upgrades are ideal for Tesla owners seeking an elegant upgrade for their interiors.

From the start, we've tried to make stylish carbon fiber accessories for Tesla owners looking to enhance their interiors at an affordable price. To this day, our design and manufacturing process is centered around creating beautiful interior upgrades, so that both drivers and passengers delight every time they get into the car.

Designed in California, Loved Globally

We take immense pride in our California-based design process, ensuring each product reflects our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship.

We stand behind our products and proudly offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our Tesla Model 3/Model Y interior accessories. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Thank you, Tesla community

Your unwavering support inspires us to keep innovating and do everything we can to improve the design, materials, structure, and every other aspect of our products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement

Amazing product. Makes my car stand out!

fantastic item!

super great quality. looks absolutely amazing and easy instal! highly recommend

James Montano
Extremely Pleased

I replaced the original wood grained dash with the glossy carbon fiber dash on my 2018 Model 3. It looks great and installation was as easy as shown on the YouTube videos. Ordering was easy, the product arrived as scheduled and I couldn't be more pleased. I didn't expect to receive the small plastic tool needed to remove the side clips, but it was, indeed, included.

Carbon Fiber Glossy Dashboard

The material and fit of this dashboard is top notch. It looks great compared to the factory wood dash that came with my Model Y.

Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the quality of the carbon fiber dashboard.

Devan Creus
Great customer service!

Had a slight hiccup with my order but customer service was on top of it, caused me no issues, and was very easy to work with and left me more than satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you for your kind words! We're happy to hear that you had a positive experience with our customer service and hope you love your new Glossy Carbon Fiber Set.

Tesla Dashboard Installation Video

Tools Needed:

  • Pry Tool

Important Note for All 2023 Tesla Vehicles 

All 2023 Tesla Model Y's built in Austin, Texas and Model 3/Y's built in Berlin, Germany are a Generation 3 Dashboard/Door Trim!

If your Tesla Model 3/Model Y has a screw holding down the dashboard and core on both sides, you have a generation 3 dashboard.

At the time of writing this, we are currently working to get our hands on the new generation 3 dashboard/door trim. Due to its limited availability and recent update, the ETA for us to stock on generation 3 dashboards is late 2024.

If you have a Generation 3 dashboard, our Generation 2 dashboard will not be compatible with your Tesla!