zoom iconTesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Door Trim Replacement

Tesla Model 3/Y Glossy Carbon Fiber Door Trim Replacement

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3/Model Y with our Glossy Carbon Fiber Door Trim replacement. Hand-built with quality materials that will last a lifetime.


Glossy Carbon Fiber Door Trims to Upgrade Your Car Interior with Style.

Easy to install and designed for durability and style, our glossy carbon fiber door trims can elevate your interior aesthetics for years to come.



  • Tesla Model 3 (2021-2023)
  • Tesla Model Y (2021-2023)

This product is designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars (2021-2023), with the exception of 2023 Model Y and Model 3 cars with Generation 3 door trims.

Important: Our door trim replacements do not fit 2023 Tesla Model Ys built in Austin, Texas and Model 3/Ys built in Berlin, Germany.

Use this VIN decoder to verify the manufacturing location of your EV. 2023 Model Ys built in Austin or Berlin, and 2023 Model 3s built in Berlin have Generation 3 dashboard and door trims, not compatible with our products.

You can also check for a screw on the side of your dashboard as shown in this photo. Having this screw would also indicate a Generation 3 design.

We are already working on a replacement for new Gen 3 door trims, and will update you as soon as they are available.


Cover vs Replacement

Covers and caps for wooden door are often not the right size and expose wooden components underneath. They are also likely to lose adhesiveness and come off in the long run.

Our product is a full replacement, installed in place of wooden door trims after they are removed. We take all necessary steps to make sure our replacements are perfect size to replace generation 2 wooden door trims (check compatibility above).

Under the glossy carbon fiber exterior, our replacements’ structure, materials, and attachment design is similar to OEM wooden door trims. This way, our replacements are easy to install and look as if they were installed in Tesla factory.  More importantly, secure attachment ensures that you enjoy your beautiful interior for years to come.

    Why choose us

    • Built by hand - hand crafted with precision and attention to detail, our accessories are always perfect size and handled with care, so they are easy to install and spotless.
    • Highest quality materials – We wanted our door trims to be a true upgrade both in terms of aesthetics and durability. To achieve this, we chose highest quality carbon fiber, aluminum, and other materials to make a beautiful door trim replacement that will serve as a standout piece for years to come.
    • Reduced glare – Glossy surfaces often cause reflections and glare. Our glossy carbon fiber door trims are engineered to evenly distribute light across the surface to minimize the glare.
    • A full replacement – Thanks to quality materials and secure attachment design, our carbon fiber door trims seamlessly integrate into the interior and instantly add a hint of sophistication and class.
    • Lifetime warranty – Our glossy carbon fiber door trims are made by hand and go through meticulous quality control. We are incredibly confident in the quality of our products and offer a lifetime warranty on factory defects.
    • Exclusive – Our products are not like generic cheap copies you find online, but unique pieces designed and crafted with care. They are made for Tesla drivers so we can enjoy beautiful interiors.

    Fusion Motors was born out of desire to help Tesla owners personalize and enhance their cars, especially the interior where we spend so much time. Our carbon fiber accessories embody this mission and reflect our commitment to stunning design and expert craftsmanship.

    Designed In California, Loved Globally

    Our close relationship with Californian EV community helps us better understand our customers’ needs and make exceptional interior upgrades for Tesla owners everywhere.

    Thank you, Tesla community

    Your unwavering support fuels our passion for perfection. We couldn't do it without you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ronaldo Agatep
    Door trim

    Excellent product

    Thank you for the review. We're glad to hear you like the door trim!

    Brian Diefendorf

    This is absolutely the way to go if you want carbon fiber. Don't go with the covers or the wraps, get the real thing. It gives the car an OEM+ look.

    We're glad you're loving our carbon fiber door trim replacement! We agree, going for the real thing adds an OEM+ look that can't be matched by covers or wraps. Thank you for your support!

    Tesla Door-Trim Installation Video

    Tools Needed:

    • Felt Tip Squeegee

    • Pry Tool