zoom iconTesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Dashboard Replacement

Tesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Dashboard Replacement

Upgrade your Tesla with our Spectre Fiber Dashboard replacement. Hand-built with quality materials that offer reduced glare, maximum visibility and style that will last a lifetime.


A standout feature for your custom interior

Elevate your interior with a touch of elegance and style.



  • Tesla Model 3 (All Years)

  • Tesla Model Y (All Years)

Our product is compatible with Generation 2 dashboard design, featured on all Model 3 and Model Y cars released up to 2023, except some variants made in 2023.

Important: Dashboard design depends on the factory that made your 2023 Model 3/Y. 2023 Model Ys made in Austin and Berlin, and 2023 Model 3s made in Berlin have an incompatible Generation 3 dashboard.  Use VIN decoder to determine the year and location where your car was manufactured.

Another way to check compatibility is to look at the side of the dashboard. This photo shows the layout for Generation 3 design. The screw on the side identifies Generation 3 design.

Cover vs Replacement

Spectre fiber dashboard's stylish and long-lasting features set it apart from any cover or generic replacement currently on the market.

Covers are affordable and easy to install, but they are often wrong size and leave wooden components exposed. These types of products apply on top of existing components, so they often look out of place. Sometimes adhesive wears off and covers detach, so you have to replace it or spend a lot of time re-installing the cover you already have.

Once installed, our dashboard replacement requires no maintenance. Its attachment design is very similar to that of original Tesla components, so it is a perfect fit to replace original wooden components and stays attached for a very long time.

In summary, not only does our product look beautiful, its secure attachment design also saves you time and money.

Why choose us

  • Built by hand – Making accessories by hand allows us to maintain high quality standards and ensure perfect condition of our products.

  • Premium materials – Spectre fiber material’s strength, longevity, and beautiful glossy aesthetics make it a perfect choice for making interior upgrades.

  • A real upgrade – This dashboard will immediately elevate your interior and catch an eye of everyone who rides in your car. It stays attached and its style doesn’t fade, so you can enjoy beautiful custom interior for many years to come.

  • Lifetime warranty – In addition to strict quality control, we offer lifetime warranty on manufacturing errors so our customers can feel safe in their purchase.

  • Exclusive – Our team spent many hours to create a dashboard with secure attachment and beautiful aesthetics that is unlike any cover or generic copy currently available on the market.

Designed In California, Loved Globally

Feedback from Californian community helps us design beautiful interior upgrades for Tesla owners all over the world.

Thank you, Tesla community

Your support allows us to make accessories for beautiful custom interiors.

Customer Reviews

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Great product, very happy with my purchase

Craig R. McIntyre

Incredible looking dashboard beautiful finish

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with the quality of the Spectre fiber dashboard.

Tesla Dashboard Installation Video

Tools Needed:

  • Pry Tool

Important Note for All 2023 Tesla Vehicles 

All 2023 Tesla Model Y's built in Austin, Texas and Model 3/Y's built in Berlin, Germany are a Generation 3 Dashboard/Door Trim!

If your Tesla Model 3/Model Y has a screw holding down the dashboard and core on both sides, you have a generation 3 dashboard.

At the time of writing this, we are currently working to get our hands on the new generation 3 dashboard/door trim. Due to its limited availability and recent update, the ETA for us to stock on generation 3 dashboards is late 2024.

If you have a Generation 3 dashboard, our Generation 2 dashboard will not be compatible with your Tesla!