zoom iconTesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Door Trim Replacement

Tesla Model 3/Y Spectre Fiber Door Trim Replacement

Upgrade your Tesla with our Spectre Fiber Door Trim replacement. Hand-built with quality materials that offers reduced glare, maximum visibility and style that will last a lifetime.


Premium Spectre Fiber Door Trims to Upgrade Your Black Interior

Made from premium spectre fiber material, these door trim replacements will be a standout feature in your car.



  • Tesla Model 3 (2021-2023)

  • Tesla Model Y (2021-2023)

Replace OEM door trims in Tesla Model Y and Model 3 EVs made between 2021 and 2023.

Important: Some versions of Model Y and Model 3 cars made in 2023 are incompatible due to differences in door trim design.

2023 release Model Ys made in Austin and Berlin, and 2023 release Model 3s made in Berlin have Generation 3 design, which does not fit our product.

This VIN decoder will tell you the location and year when your car was manufactured. To reiterate, 2023 Model Ys and Model 3s made in aforementioned locations are incompatible with our product.

Another way to check the design is to look at the side of the dashboard. As shown in this photo, Generation 3 designs feature a screw on the side.

Cover vs Replacement

Our spectre fiber door trims are full replacements, not just a simple cover to hide wooden door trims underneath. They are installed after wooden door trims are removed and stay securely attached for a long time.

Thanks to the spectre fiber material and their beautiful design, our door trims are a significant step up from OEM door trims, or covers and other generic products on the market. Premium material also ensures that our door trims don't fade and keep their aesthetic appeal.

Why choose us

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship – Our spectre fiber door trims are hand crafted with attention to detail and focus on beautiful style. The result is a high-quality interior upgrade that will bring a smile to your face each time you enter your car.

  • Premium Materials – Spectre fiber material is strong, lightweight, and doesn't easily get damaged, so your interior looks like new for a long time.

  • A true upgrade – Our door trims are a significant upgrade in terms of function as well as aesthetics. Secure attachment design helps to fix them in place so you can enjoy beautiful interior for years to come.

  • Lifetime warranty – We adhere to strict quality standards so customers receive products in flawless condition. All upgrades come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects so there’s practically no risk to trying our products.

Designed In California, Loved Globally

We listen to feedback and keep up with the latest trends to make great accessories for Tesla owners all around the world.

Thank you, Tesla community

Your ongoing support allows us to keep making quality upgrades for more beautiful custom interiors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Owner Makes Things Right

I ordered door trims for the Model 3 but didn’t get a notification that the order had shipped. I sent in an email to the support email address, and promptly got an email back from the owner stating that there was an internal issue. The product was overnighted to my house. Things happen in any business, but I appreciate how this was resolved quickly. It goes without saying that the product quality is fantastic. Would recommend 100%. (They incentivized me to write this review by offering me a license plate frame. However, they did not stipulate that I had to give five stars or a positive review, so you can trust the reviews here.)

Craig R. McIntyre
Door, trim, carbon, fiber

Unbelievable the quality that they put into this carbon fiber door trim, and the best part is it’s OEM.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with the quality of the spectre fiber door trim and the OEM nature of it.

Tesla Door-Trim Installation Video

Tools Needed:

  • Felt Tip Squeegee

  • Pry Tool