2024-05-03 06:16:27 -0700

Software sourcecode reveals Tesla updates including voice assistant, other features


Do you wish to talk to your Tesla car? You might soon have the opportunity with a slew of features in an upcoming over-the-air update, as source code reveals.

Tesla enthusiasts with a flair for tech have scoured the source code of a new spring update and have been sharing the goodies within. According to them, Tesla users will soon have access to a new voice assistant and music streaming service.

Tesla has already shared some details of the update on X (formerly Twitter). The company mentioned that its cars equipped with the AMD Ryzen chip will get a new user interface, in addition to the ability to open the trunk without touching it.

The spring Tesla update, known as 2024.14.3, has been going out to owners, giving the more tech-savvy customers the opportunity to crack open the source code. One of the popular hackers in the online Tesla community, @greentheonly, has dissected the source code, finding new and important updates that are in the works.

In a thread posted on X, they claimed there is a “Tesla voice assistant” that will be voiced by one of the voices developed by Microsoft named “Jenny Natural”. Greentheonly said the voice assistant is still in the early steps of development. However, they can tell that it will work similarly to other voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, which listens for the name to be activated.

Another upcoming feature is Amazon Music. Tesla owners have been asking for this feature for years and it seems the carmaker is finally listening. However, greentheonly did not provide information about when to expect the feature officially.

Users can also expect what is called “restricted driver” profiles from the new Tesla update. The feature will let Tesla owners apply some restrictions on some profiles, although there are no further details on what that entails. However, there could be something of a hint with the icons attached to the restricted profiles; the icons will have “training wheels” attached, suggesting the feature might work for inexperienced drivers.

Meanwhile, greentheonly reported that Tesla might actually be eliminating a feature, the sensor detecting if there is a driver behind the steering wheel. Tesla has been known to remove features if they are not really used. However, it is possible that Tesla has found another way to detect the presence of a driver, likely using the in-cabin camera.

Other features mentioned in the Tesla software update by greentheonly include a confirmation dialog for rerouting, a scary message for service mode, the ability to erase user data, a new window for Track Mode with a load of settings on stability control, etc.

One of the updates that users would appreciate is the one addressing battery drain when Sentry Mode is activated. The feature, which Tesla released in 2019, switches on the car’s camera to monitor the surroundings and report potential intrusions. When detected, the cameras will automatically start recording, with the footage saved to a USB device. Tesla users have posted videos of Sentry Mode scaring off vandals and robbers, resulting in some arrests and prosecutions

The problem, however, is that Sentry Mode consumes battery power significantly, forcing Tesla to block the feature when the battery percentage is below 20 percent. Some users have reported it consumes up to 15 percent of their battery daily.

Then Tesla’s SVP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering Drew Baglino promised a future software update would cut power consumption by 40 percent. He said the fix would likely come in the second quarter, which would encourage more drivers to use it.

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