Mobile Installions

Enjoy the convenience of on-site installation as our service team drives to your location

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What is the fee for mobile installations?

Mobile Installations of our Dashboard only or Dashboard & Door Trim Set Installations is $199 flat rate,

Mobile installations of our Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is $399 flat rate.

An invoice will be emailed to you once this form has been submitted including the total cost for your records and approval.

What areas Are Eligible for Mobile Installations?

We currently serve: Orange County, San Bernardino County, & LA County.

We are also partnered with shops in LA area and currently working to serve other locations! If you are out of our service area, please contact us and we will do our best to make accommodations.

how is the Mobile Installation process like?

One of our qualified field technicians will contact you shortly after the form has been submitted via email. Arrangements will be made for a time and date after you have completed the short form. We will come to your location to install the new dashboard. After the item has been installed, payment will be taken in person (cash and credit card are accepted).

When will I be Charged for the installation?

The amount for the installation and product(s) purchased will be due upon the technician's completion of the service.