2024-06-02 13:01:43 -0700

Tesla now offering dark Gemini wheels as standard on the Model Y in the US


Tesla owners wanting to trick out their Model Y can now get a more-exciting new standard wheel. The dark Gemini wheels have been launched after it was spotted some weeks ago at a Tesla facility.

Keen observers noticed the black Gemini wheels outside the Freemont factory in California. The brand’s fans speculated the EV maker could be launching the new wheels soon. That has now been confirmed to be the case as the wheels are now the standard options when the Model Y is ordered on the company’s website. Tesla has also officially dropped the silver Gemini wheel as an option in the configurator.

Buyers can still upgrade the wheels to the 20-inch induction variant by plopping down $2,000 when placing their order. However, they can no longer select the previous standard version. Canadian buyers can still access the silver Gemini, which remains the standard for the Model Y but can step up to the dark Gemini for an additional 700 CAD, equivalent to about US$ 513.

Meanwhile, outside North America, the dark Gemini wheels have also become standard in markets that import the Model Y from China. Tesla launched the wheels in Giga Shanghai last October with a slew of other updates.

For European orders, however, where they import the Model Y from Giga Berlin, the silver Gemini remains the standard option.

Back in the US, Tesla recently made other updates to the Model Y by launching the new RWD Long Range, boosting the driving range by 60 miles.

According to company boss Elon Musk, Tesla owners of the former base Model Y would be able to upgrade to longer driving ranges, bringing their cars closer to the new Long Range version in terms of performance. Buyers can now also select the much sought-after Quicksilver paint options in several markets, starting from April when it was launched at Giga Berlin.

While many Model Y owners will be thrilled with the new standard dark Gemini wheels, they will be more excited to learn they can make driving more fun by upgrading to the fiber steering wheel replacement. The unique accessory is available exclusively at Fusion Motorsports. It is built off steering wheels made by Tesla themselves. The upgraded steering wheel is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to handle even during long trips. Buyers rave about the fine stitching, smooth leather handles, and polished White Spectre Fiber. The company’s direct role in the manufacturing process ensures you can benefit from their vision of enhancing the Tesla user experience.

Meanwhile, the cabin of your Tesla will see some improvements even as customers in the Northern Hemisphere approach the summer months. Tesla’s 2024.20 update will enhance the HVAC performance, making the cabin more inviting.

The cabin will cool down better when the AUTO climate mode is activated, while also cooling down faster. This also means the cabin will work more quietly with the update because the A/C fans won’t make as much noise, a little detail that has irked many Tesla owners.

Cabin pre-conditioning will also help owners feel instantly comfortable in their car in the summer heat by cooling down the cabin before opening the door, something that would be a huge relief in places where the temperature can get high.

Header image courtesy of Tesla