2024-05-10 13:31:49 -0700

Tesla Supercharger charges Model 3 Highland almost twice as fast as the competition


Do you want your Tesla to charge faster? Many EV owners who want to spend less time charging their cars would be excited to hear that the Model 3 Highland is eliminating the refueling time disparity with gas-powered vehicles using Tesla Superchargers.

This was the conclusion of the independent automotive research company AMCI. The firm tested electric vehicles from different brands on the charging speeds, and the Model 3 Highland came first. The test was named “MP6”, inspired by the average time (six minutes) ICE drivers spend at gas stations to refuel.

According to AMCI, “Effectively, MP6 assumes consumers should not need to alter their long-standing fueling habits—nor the amount of time they are willing to dedicate to enroute fueling. MP6 clearly shows how many miles of range each EV can add within this essential and expected 6-minute window.”

The Tesla Model 3 stole the first position from the Toyota bZ4X, which proved to be the fastest during last year’s testing. Interestingly, the Highland performed twice as fast as the Toyota bZ4X’s speed from last year.

The Toyota took second position with a score of 35.0 MP6, with the Model 3 Highland scoring 60.5 MP6. The Ford Mustang Mach-E came third with a score of 32.5 MP6.

AMCI observed that the Highland performed so well because it required far less time to go from connecting the charger to the vehicle receiving maximum current. The test was carried out on the Tesla Supercharger network, where the Highland reached as high as 174 kW in less than a minute. They were connected with the Magic Dock.

There is no doubt that being on a native charging network helped the Model 3 Highland, as its charging is obviously optimized for the network. However, the Tesla Supercharging stations are unique because only Tesla has a truly extensive charging network, another reason to buy the cars made by the brand.

A senior executive of AMCI commented on the specifics of the MP6 test, “Although we have seen significant differences in the MP6 results between previously tested competitors, the 2024 Model 3 shows just what a manufacturer can do when they control both the vehicle and the charger’s protocol. It’s also important to note that this performance was achieved on Tesla’s lowest-priced vehicle, and with a battery chemistry likely less favorable to fast charging than other Tesla models or non-Tesla competitors.”

Meanwhile, Superchargers have come a long way in terms of charging speeds. About a year ago, it was confirmed that the charging times had reduced by one-third in just five years. The network also has some of the most reliable public chargers in the industry.

At the time, Tesla said the improved charging speeds could be attributed to the upgrade to the V3 Superchargers, more efficient routing with Trip Planner with which owners can search for the nearest Tesla Superchargers, more Superchargers being installed, increased vehicle efficiency, pre-heating the battery, and customers being more informed about the charging process.

Tesla unveiled the V3 Superchargers in 2019. They can deliver up to 250 kW, meaning drivers can add 1,000 miles in just one hour of charging. However, this would only happen under ideal conditions. 

The V4 Tesla Supercharger was announced in March 2023 and can deliver up to 350 kW. Tesla has been installing them in Europe.

Globally, Tesla maintains more than 50,000 Superchargers and has been in the process of opening them to other EV brands.

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