The Right Choice

This complete set contains our Glossy Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement along with our Door-Trim Replacement Set. Created with real carbon fiber and finished in a slick, glass-like coating, our new glossy Dashboard and Door-trim set replaces the stock OEM Dashboard and Door-trim in your refreshed Tesla Model 3/Model Y. Utilizing the highest quality materials available, our built-by-hand Replacement Set will revolutionize the interior of your car. Every carbon fiber weave is carefully inspected to ensure an impeccable and flawless design. 


*We understand that glossy carbon fiber accessories get a bad reputation for their brutal sun glare and took great precautions to ensure a pleasurable driving experience. Our engineering process ensures that sunlight is evenly distributed on the surface of the glossy finish, which allows for reduced glare and maximum visibility while driving.

This is not a dashboard or door-trim cover that is already offered on the market, but instead a complete, authentic replacement. Our made-in-house replacement set requires no additional modification and is ready for installation. Our goal was to ensure the product would complement the interior of your vehicle while always placing a smile on your face every time you step into the vehicle. We started our business with the foundation of bringing Tesla owners nothing but the absolute best and will continue to do so as long as we are in business.

Real Vs. Fake

We created this product after hearing about countless Tesla owners denouncing how their inferior Dashboard/Door-trim caps were not completely covering the exposed wood door trim. The double-sided tape that holds caps/covers over the wood trim loses its adhesive properties and detaches over time. Rather than focusing on making a plastic replica, we spent countless hours designing and producing the right alternative, the real thing.

We spent even longer devising a process to safely remove the mundane wood trim and switch it out with our carbon fiber version. To ensure that our product will last a lifetime, we solder the core, aluminum pieces, and carbon fiber trim together to make it one whole unit, the same method used at the Tesla factory. We believe in our product and our manufacturing process so much that we give a Lifetime Warranty on all our products from any factory defects. You will feel a profound sense of relief knowing that your original Dashboard/Door-trim replacement will be upgraded to a classy and refined alternative. Offered nowhere else on the market, our product will flood you with countless compliments from all your peers. Our replacement will not glare in the sun and will not lose its indefectible finish, regardless of weather conditions.

Tesla Dashboard Installation Video

Tesla Door-Trim Installation Video