What Is The Best Accessory for a Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard?

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Published on:
March 12, 2023
Updated on:
March 27, 2023

Taking Delivery Of Your Brand-New Tesla

One of the most exciting days for a Tesla owner is finally taking delivery of their brand-new Tesla. Marveling at the beauty of the exterior, one becomes exhilarated with the idea of getting behind the wheel and owning the top automotive vehicle of the decade. While taking control of the driver's seat, most new owners will glance around admiring the physique of the center console, steering wheel, and luxurious ambiance of their Model 3 or Model Y. While examining the futuristic interior, many will notice a segment that refuses to conform with the rest of the vehicle. The wood/white dashboard. Many owners have remarked that the wood veneer design resembles apart from the 1970’s, while others believe it does suit the vehicle. The white dashboard trim is a flat white design and is the upgraded interior option that Tesla offers. The white trim is designed with the intention to harmonize with the white seats. As enthusiastic as they are, many owners will decide to drive their vehicle around, hoping to develop a fondness for the various Tesla Model 3/Y dashboard designs. As time passes, defects such as the wood grain beginning to peel may occur. As the veneer becomes warped, it will become harder to cover. Tesla will replace your dash under their warranty, but it is very likely the same issue will occur in areas of high humidity.

Issues with my Tesla Model 3 - Y Wood Dashboard

Would a shrewder response be to invest an extra $1000 to have the white interior option as opposed to the black/wood grain combo? According to Model 3 and Model Y owners, it has been stated that even the white dashboard will project brutal glare from the sun that causes a blinding reflection accompanied by the side mirrors!

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For a $50,000-$70,000 vehicle, it would be reasonable to expect that Tesla would utilize modernized parts that complimented the rest of the Tesla Model 3/Y interior or that did not interfere with the driving experience. Needless to say, a large population of the Tesla community would prefer the classic wood grain or space-like white trim as opposed to an alternative design.

Tesla Model 3 - Y Dashboard Debate

As I was searching for the best accessory to hide my wood dashboard, I presumably thought I encountered a temporary solution. A carbon fiber dashboard cover. Feeling excited about my new purchase, I decided to showcase my new Tesla dash accessory to my friends. It covered my dash for about 2 weeks until I noticed the sides of the cap begin to lift up. The results looked very similar to this (Problems With Dashboard Cover - Tesla Motors Club Forum Link).  There it was, the wood grain I was trying so hard to cover. Could it be the tape, ABS plastic material, or sun damage? As questions began to surge through my mind, I realized that purchasing the cheaper option may not always lead to better results. I did consider wrapping my dashboard but heard about some experiences in which the wood grain would still portray through the wrap. Plus, I’d rather own the real thing. I became infatuated with the idea of real, handcrafted, and genuine carbon fiber accessories for the interior of my Tesla, constantly searching for a modification more than just a dashboard cover/wrap. This experience enlightened my partner and I to create just that, a real carbon fiber dashboard replacement. From there, our mission was to create a Tesla Model 3/Y carbon fiber dash accessory that has been engineered to not lose its quality finish as time passes by. As my partner and I began our project, we prioritized a non-glare finish that did not reflect sunlight while driving. We first designed a glossy carbon fiber accessory, keeping in mind that many glossy accessories have a notorious reputation for their sunlight glare. With our engineering process, we have created the finish to evenly distribute sunlight across the clear resin, in order to minimize/reduce glare. As shown in this POV video, Keenan demonstrates a clear view of our dashboard not emitting glare while driving, regardless of weather conditions. (This video also compares a standard Tesla dash cap with our dashboard replacement)

New Carbon Fiber Dash Replacement for the Model Y and 3 - Kobra ToldYa

Although our product is priced higher than its alternatives, we are focusing on quality craftsmanship, rather than a quick fix.

As a Tesla Model 3/Y owner, it is common to feel that your Tesla looks the same as every other Model 3/Model Y on the road. As you start a 2022 Tesla modification list, online searches continue to yield the same results that you have already been familiar with.  It is likely that you may notice a common theme of carbon fiber accessories but a lack of real, authentic carbon fiber modifications for your Tesla Model 3/Y such as in the top ten post found here "Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories 2022 - Bitactro Link". Carbon fiber is not for everyone, and many may prefer the original wood veneer/white trim. For those who do like the sportier carbon fiber look, let's go over pros and cons of all three options:

Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Wrap

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Wrap
Courtesy of evwraps.com


  • Hides wood dashboard
  • Cheapest option


  • Tedious installation process
  • If installation is not done perfect, will show stretch marks
  • Air bubbles will form if not installed perfectly
  • Can see wood grain outline on wrapped surface
  • Doesn’t fully replace wood/white dashboard trim






Abstract Ocean

Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Cap/Cover ($60-$550)

Dashboard Cover Carbon Fiber for Tesla Model 3 & Y — TheHydrataseStore


  • Not as expensive
  • Installed with adhesive tape
  • Gives carbon fiber “look”
  • Quick fix to cover dashboard trim


  • 3M Tape loses adhesive property 
  • Wood/white trim reveals trim over time
  • Uses ABS Plastic (fake) carbon fiber
  • Doesn’t fully replace wood/white trim
  • Rubs against door
  • Carbon Fiber weaves can look distorted or uses a carbon fiber printed "pattern" instead of real carbon fiber







Abstract Ocean

Tesla Model 3/Y Wood/White Dashboard Replacement ($650-$950)


  • Authentic Carbon Fiber
  • OEM parts
  • Actual Wood/White Trim Replacement
  • Non-glare


  • Most pricey
  • Installation requires removal of the current dash (add video)


Fusion Motorsports USA

Selecting the best accessory for your brand-new Tesla Model 3 or Y is a challenging decision, but it comes down to what you are searching for. If you want the cheapest, but the most tedious option, the wrap is the best choice. This option will hide your current dashboard, but it will still leave odd abnormalities (due to the wood grain surface). For a wrap, it is advised to have an experienced wrapper install this item. If you are looking for something to cover your Tesla’s dashboard without the hassle of wrapping it yourself, the dash cap is the best option. Of course, not every individual dash cap will have the issue of detaching itself. However, it is crucial to know the exact automotive tape to use to ensure this does not happen in the future. It is inevitable that certain parts of the cap itself will begin to pull up and this is usually due to temperature, quality of the tape, improper installation, etc. Typically, dash caps overextend and rub on the sides of your doors (because it is a cap). If your theme is using real carbon fiber accessories (carbon fiber front lip, spoilers, diffusers, side skirts, steering wheels, etc.) and want the satisfaction of having your outdated wood/blinding white trim removed, the real carbon fiber dashboard replacement is the priciest, but premium choice.

As you shop around to find a solution for your dashboard, be aware that recent 2021 Tesla Model 3 and Y’s now come with wood/white trim door trims to match the wood/white dashboard. For the 2021 Model 3/Y, be sure to purchase BOTH matching door trim replacements and dashboard accessories so that you don’t have an oddly designed interior with one item not resembling the other.

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3) Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Wrap 

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