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What Is The Best Accessory for a Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard?


One of the most exciting days for a Tesla owner is finally accepting delivery of a brand-new Tesla. While taking the wheel, you will find yourself admiring the luxurious interior features and details of your Model 3 or Model Y.

But you may notice one element that is less than satisfactory: The wood/white dashboard. Many owners have remarked that the wood veneer design resembles a part from the 1970’s. And did we mention it has terrible glare? Ouch.

Not only that, but as time passes, the wood grain may start to peel. As the veneer becomes warped, it will become harder to cover. Tesla will replace your dash under their warranty, but it is very likely the same issue will recur in areas of high humidity.

Read more about fixing the white dashboard and the Tesla Model 3/Y dashboard debate.

In this post, we are going to share some of our favorite Tesla Model 3/Y dashboard accessories with you. We will go over three options for how you can upgrade the appearance of the dashboard so you can find the ideal solution within your budget.  

Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Wrap (Under $100)

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Wrap
Courtesy of evwraps.com

If you are on a tight budget, you might not be able to afford to replace the entire dashboard in your Tesla. One simple and cost-effective solution is to simply cover the existing dashboard with a wrap. You can find wraps in colors and materials such as black carbon fiber, matte white or black, brushed black metallic, Tesla interior white, and others.

This is a fast, easy and cheap way to give your Tesla interior a new look. But as you will see, a dashboard wrap can suffer from imperfections.


  • Hides wood dashboard
  • Cheapest option


  • Tedious installation process
  • If installation is not perfect, will show stretch marks
  • Air bubbles will form if not installed correctly
  • Can see wood grain outline on wrapped surface
  • Doesn’t fully replace wood/white dashboard trim






Abstract Ocean

Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Cap/Cover ($60-$550)

Dashboard Cover Carbon Fiber for Tesla Model 3 & Y — TheHydrataseStore

For a mid-range option for enhancing your Tesla Model 3/Y dashboard, you can consider installing a dashboard cover, also called a dashboard cap. This is exactly what it sounds like—a cap, rather than a wrap, for covering the dashboard. It is not the same thing as a full dashboard replacement.


  • Not as expensive as a full replacement
  • Installed easily with adhesive tape
  • Gives carbon fiber “look”
  • Quick fix to cover dashboard trim


  • 3M Tape loses adhesive property 
  • Wood/white trim reveals trim over time
  • Uses ABS Plastic (fake) carbon fiber
  • Doesn’t fully replace wood/white trim
  • Rubs against door
  • Carbon Fiber weaves can look distorted
  • May use a carbon fiber printed "pattern" instead of real carbon fiber







Abstract Ocean

Tesla Model 3/Y Wood/White Dashboard Replacement ($650-$950)

If you have the budget for it, you can consider replacing the stock Tesla dashboard altogether. Unlike the previous options we went over, this one is permanent. Once it is installed, you will not have to deal with air bubbles or stretch marks, as you would with a wrap, nor do you have to worry about degradation or loss of adhesion over time, as you would with a Tesla Model 3/Y dashboard cover.

In fact, over the long run, this is a very cost-effective option. You will not need to replace it in the future, as you would a cover or wrap.


  • Authentic Carbon Fiber
  • OEM parts
  • Actual Wood/White Trim Replacement
  • Non-glare
  • Permanent, long-lasting solution
  • Beautiful, luxurious look and feel


  • Most pricey
  • Installation requires removal of the current dash 


Fusion Motorsports USA: Shop Now

More About Fusion Motorsports Dashboard Replacements 

Right now, Fusion Motorsports is at the leading edge of producing authentic Tesla dashboard replacements. I want to tell you a little more about our story and products.

As I was searching for the best accessory to hide my own wood dashboard, I initially bought a carbon fiber dashboard cover. I was initially very excited. It covered my dash for about 2 weeks, and then I noticed the sides of the cap were lifting up. The results looked very similar to this.

Could it be the tape, ABS plastic material, or sun damage? As questions ran through my mind, I realized that purchasing the cheaper option may not always lead to better results.

Plus, I wanted real thing. I became infatuated with the idea of handcrafted, genuine carbon fiber accessories for my Tesla, not just a modification. My partner and I decided to make it happen, and we created our own carbon fiber dashboard replacement. We first designed a glossy carbon fiber accessory. With our engineering process, we have created the finish to evenly distribute sunlight across the clear resin, in order to minimize glare. As shown in this POV video, Keenan demonstrates that our dashboard does not emit glare while driving, regardless of weather conditions. (This video also compares a standard Tesla dash cap with our dashboard replacement)

Upgrade Your Tesla Dashboard Now

Selecting the best accessory for your brand-new Tesla Model 3 or Y is a challenging decision, but it comes down to what you are searching for. If you want the cheapest, but the most tedious option, the wrap is the best choice. If you are looking for something to cover your Tesla’s dashboard without the hassle of wrapping it yourself, the dash cap may suit you.

But if you want real carbon fiber accessories and the satisfaction of completely removing and replacing your outdated stock trim, our authentic carbon fiber dashboard replacement is the best bang for your buck.

As you shop, be aware that the 2021 Tesla Model 3 and Y now come with wood/white trim door trims to match the wood/white dashboard. Be sure to purchase matching door trim replacements and dashboard accessories



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