2024-04-19 13:07:29 -0700

Anaheim police department announces pilot test of Tesla Model Y cruisers


Upholding the law does not have to be an emission-generating endeavor, as the Anaheim Police Department has proven. The law enforcement agency has launched a pilot program integrating six Tesla Model Ys in its patrol fleet.

The police department made the announcement in a media event co-hosted by Unplugged Performance, where the modified Model Ys were on display. The latter company was responsible for kitting out the Teslas to serve as electric police cruisers.


While suspected offenders may be too pertubed to enjoy the quiet rides to the station, the Anaheim police are using the pilot to ascertain the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the EVs as patrol cars.

According to the department, the Model Ys will serve only one patrol shift per day in the initial stage of the pilot test, with a single shift lasting about 12.5 hours. However, as the pilot progresses, the electric cruisers will take on double shifts or 24-hour duty. The cars will be charged faster with Tesla’s Superchargers to reduce idle times during shifts.

The police department has already installed Level 2 chargers at its station and the agency’s headquarters. Officers can replenish the batteries at either location when the trial starts. Sergeant Jacob Gallacher explains the department’s cautious approach of starting with Level 2 chargers in an email to Teslarati, “Because this is a pilot program, we do not want to make an infrastructure investment (in superchargers) until we know how the vehicles will perform and if they are something we want to fully integrate into our fleet.”

The police Tesla Model Ys were sourced from the company’s existing inventory. The department is using them to fill up a shortage of vehicles and to replace worn-out vehicles.

The department said, “National supply chain issues, aging patrol vehicles, and delivery delays of newly purchased patrol cars have caused a significant vehicle shortage in the Anaheim Police Department’s fleet. The department sought out a creative way to quickly acquire patrol cars. Tesla presented a unique opportunity to procure six (6) Model Y’s from available inventory and upfit them for patrol duty through their associated vendor, UP.FIT, a division of Unplugged Performance.”

The Model Y made the cut due to a range of factors, including costs, minimal maintenance requirements, fast acceleration to catch up with mischief makers, ample storage space, and other advanced features.

According to the department, “The Tesla Model Y was selected for its advanced features, including rapid acceleration, ample storage capacity, affordability, and low maintenance requirements, all of which are integral to police operations. With state-of-the-art technology and safety features, in addition to an expansive supercharging network throughout the city, these vehicles will enable officers to respond swiftly to incidents and effectively engage with the community.“

Tesla commented on the Anaheim police department’s latest acquisition on X (formerly Twitter). The company revealed some months ago that police departments could save more than $4,000 on operating costs by using its products.

Law enforcement all over the US and the rest of the world has been adopting electric cars, particularly Teslas. The Newport Police Department in Kentucky has assigned three Model 3s to its patrol officers, while the Coral Gables added one Model Y as a cruiser. Venice acquired three Teslas, with one attached to its law enforcement unit. Canada also deployed its first Model Y cruiser more than a year ago.

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