Dry Carbon Fiber All-Inclusive HW4.0 Version Camera Cover for Tesla Model 3 Highland (Matte)

Perfect Fit, Great Style, and Total Protection. Introducing 100% Dry, Cool Carbon Fiber Camera Cover for Tesla Highland Model 3


— Perfect Fit, Great Style, and Total Protection. Introducing 100% Dry, Cool Carbon Fiber Camera Cover for Tesla Highland Model 3 — 

This hand-laid HW4.0 Version Dry Carbon Fiber Side Camera Cover for your Tesla Highland Model 3 is a great subtle style addition. It not only adds a sporty look to your tesla but acts as a barrier against harsh weather conditions. Even beats the summer sun. 

Moreover, it’s sure to uplift the Tesla’s exterior with its modern vibe, added class, and high-performance style. After all, it’s made from 100% genuine dry carbon fiber, not ABS plastic, so it continues to deliver its shine and sleek look for years to come. 

This glare-free Matte finish delivers a clear view of the side camera edges to maintain driver safety and confidence with a smile. Its lightweight yet exceptionally resilient surface fights against UV rays. No fading off or dullness even after a year or so. 

  • 100% Real Dry Carbon Fiber: Its 3D stereoscopic carbon fiber texture adds a rich, visually appealing surface. 

  • Seamless Matte Finish: The matte texture marries flawlessly with your Tesla’s exterior, ensuring a 1:1 strong OEC fit. 

  • Custom Fit: We hand-modeled this carbon fiber cover for the side cameras of the Tesla Model 3 Highland so it ensures a perfect contour match and full camera functionality without any hassle now or ever. 

  • Protection and Style that Lasts: It’s set to offer superior protection from dust, dirt, water ingress, or UV rays. This is a good way to extend the life of your vehicle’s side camera.

  • Tool-Free Installation: Takes no more than 5 minutes. Quick and easy to install with pre-applied 3M tape, which offers a strong, lasting hold. However, it’s advised to gently clean the surface before applying to help the tape stick better.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Material: 100% Real Dry Carbon Fiber 

  • Finish: Matte with advanced UV protection 

  • Fit: Customized for Tesla Highland Model 3, HW4.0 Version 

  • Install: Simple, with pre-applied 3M commercial-grade tape 

  • Warrant: Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects 

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NOTE: It’s built on an original TESLA core version rather than a cap. So it feels OEM and fits your car exterior perfectly. Indeed, it’s a perfect gift for car lovers and a must-have for Tesla owners looking for a sporty upgrade. 

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